4 Mobile Apps That Are All About the Numbers

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TechRadar recently published a list of top 100 apps of 2016. The includes the same old music apps, the evergreen Evernote app, photo editing apps like SnapSeed, communication apps like Fluenty, Hangouts, social media apps like Tumblr, Facebook and Periscope and messaging apps like Tinder and WhatsApp.

Most apps in the list are a tad predictable and bring nothing new to the table. Recommending or advising a smartphone user to download the Facebook app in 2016 is like advising a fish how to swim. But the good news is that there are some amazing new apps that you can download, and chances are you haven’t come across them.

If you are tired of the same old apps with no new ideas, these apps come as a breath of fresh air. That’s not all, every single app in this list has something to do with numbers. So let’s check out these apps without further ado.

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1. Pacer.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you might be no stranger to FitBit. is a free pedometer alternative to FitBit. But Pacer is as simple as it gets. You don’t require a wristband or any other accessory to use Pacer. Simply keep your phone in your hand, pocket, jacket or your purse and it will record all the vital numbers such as steps, calories, distance and active time. It will also track weight, BMI and blood pressure.


It does a splendid job of tracking whether you are walking the dog or sweating it out at the gym. Pacer can be integrated with My Fitness Pal and send your exercise data to it so you can sync your steps and calories with your weight loss plan. It also integrates with VoiceOver, so you can use it through voice commands, and with GPS so you can track outdoor running, walking and biking.

If you are the kind of person who needs motivation to stay fit, Pacer takes care of that too. It helps you create exercise groups with your friends and family to compare daily steps in real-time. All in all, it’s a great app that uses numbers to help people stay fit!

2. Planet Matrix.

There are ridiculous numbers of games and puzzles on mobile app stores. However, strives to stand apart with its unique idea to combine numbers, puzzle, and gamification. The app developer, Tarek Alsmadi, must take special pride in making an app that combines all the possible elements of a successful app.

For starters, it belongs to a unique niche, unlike many me-too apps that are just riding the wave of others’ popularity. Secondly, it serves a special purpose as it helps stimulate the brain with its tricky puzzles and thirdly, it is visually striking and fun to play. The game is addictive right off the bat even if you are not a "numbers person."


The best part about Planet Matrix is that you won’t find any other app in the marketplace that uses their unique math puzzle style.

3. Zoho Free Invoice Generator.

Whether you are a consultant, business person or a trader, you might need to send invoices from time to time. This invoice generator from helps you calculate estimates, payments, discounts and taxes, so you don’t have to do the numbers. 

What’s more, you can convert these invoices and estimates to PDF and send them to clients right from the app. It makes calculation and taxation very easy. It supports currencies of over a 140 countries, so no matter which part of the world you are in or your client is, they can get the invoice in their preferred currency.

You can fetch data from Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote. It is integrated with Zoho CRM and PayPal too. They also support various languages such as Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Portuguese and Italian.

4. Photomath.

is the world’s smartest number app. While Zoho’s Invoice Generator was designed to simplify numbers for the business community, this app is geared towards students. It helps them to crack difficult math problems in a jiffy.

All you have to do is click a picture of a problem and Photomath will provide a step-by-step solution for the problem. Photomath supports various problems including but not limited to arithmetic, fractions, decimals, linear equations and logarithms. Soon they will be supporting trigonometry and derivatives too.

This app has been used by millions of users and has been ranked as a top app in over 100+ countries. It has been featured in Time Magazine, Forbes and even Business Insider. They’ve even been on the smash US TV program and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


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