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10 Effects of Smoking in Health

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10 Effects of Smoking in Health Are you aware about effects of smoking habit? Scientific studies reveal that smoking causes short-term as well as long-term effects on health. American Lung Association says smoking affects around 9 million people in U. S alone, and it causes the death of approximately 450,000 individuals per year. Cancer is a common serious threat of smoking. It also causes several aesthetic problems, cardiovascular problems, respiratory problems and reproductive health problems. This article discusses about various negative effects of smoking. 1.

Respiratory Health Effects – Tobacco contains several toxic substances that damage our lungs and other respiratory organ while inhaling. It seriously affects larynx and trachea which in turn result in the permanent killing of lungs. Long-term smoking causes harsh side effects like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. 2. Cardiovascular Health Effects – Smoking causes the narrowing of blood vessels and arteries by depositing several toxic substances. This affects their normal functioning, and causes high blood pressure.

Prolonged smoking gradually leads to nerve problems& blood clots, which may result in heart attacks or strokes. 3. Vision Health Effects – Smoking causes vision problems like macular degeneration and cataracts. Researches show that long-term smoking causes incurable vision problems that may even result in blindness. 4. Reproductive Health Effects – Smoking causes less production of estrogen hormone that is linked to infertility in women. Premature birth, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), under weight problems, and early menopause are common reproductive effects in women. Long-term smoking causes impotency in men. 5.

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Skin Health Effects – Premature aging, yellowish skin and wrinkles are commonly found side effects of smoking. Skin damage is directly linked to smoking since it restricts the adequate blood flow in skin. Majority of addicted smokers lose their appetite and reduce the intake of food. Inadequate nutrition and food habits result in serious health effects on skin. 6. Psychological Effects – smoking has addictive side effects since it contains Nicotine. Majority of smokers believe that smoking makes them feel relief. However, truth is that smoking causes several addictive problems, which may result in depression and anxiety. 7.

Digestion Problems – Smoking causes heartburn problems, liver damage, reduced appetite, crohn's disease and ulcers. Long-term smoking results in the damage of esophagus, and that causes acid reflux & heart-burn problems. Crohn's disease is a severe intestine disease that causes diarrhea, abdominal pain, etc. 8. Respiratory Alignments – Health and Human Services of U. S reveals that smokers are more prone to respiratory alignments like flu, pneumonia, cold, bronchitis, etc. They also take longer recovery time compared to normal persons. 9. Athletic Performance Issues – Smoking affects the physical fitness of an individual.

Long-term smokers are more prone to injuries and accidents. Smokers have reduced capacity to generate sufficient muscle cell & collagen to generate muscles. 10. Other Effects – Smoking causes awful body odor and bad breath as well. Since smokers have reduced smell sense, they may not consider it as an issue. There are about 5 million people in the world die in each year from the effects of smoking. Smoking is an unnecessary health hazard that causes serious effects. Quitting this habit is not easy. However, when you quit smoking you not only save your health but also our environment!

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