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You Don’t Know Jack: An Analysis

Euthanasia has been a debatable issue since one’s perception of this idea could depend on different factors such as religion, culture, and even personal life experiences. DRP. Jack Savoring witnessed how his mother suffered in agony with her disease, describing the pain as a toothache In all your bones.

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Just Imagine how painful that is. At that time, he cannot do anything to alleviate the pain his mother is going through. He felt lost. That’s how he felt responsible in aiding those people who are terminally ill.

For him, it’s not about killing someone. It’s understanding that Hess patients have gone through a lot, and listening to their wish to end the pain rather than continue living but you’re actually dying. Another point Is that he’s doing it free of charge. He used his own resources to “help” his patients. There is no personal gain to him, but it is rather an act of service. It may not be acceptable to many but he was doing It from the standpoint of a medical person, of a son who understood what It’s Like for someone to live fighting off a disease.

II. “Oh, the lingering of death. What a business. Keep death alive. Hospitals don’t make money otherwise. Drug companies either. If you’re rich and you have the money, you can pay to die. But the poor, they can only afford to suck It out and suffer. ” This quote from the movie truthfully states that the medical industry is also a business. Most people are in it to save lives or improve health. But there are others who see it as a moneymaking opportunity. To be honest, hospitals and drug companies don’t make money when no one Is sick.

These businesses “keep death alive”. A patient may still be alive but only because he/she Is still In the process of fighting off death. But the reality is that this person is actually dying compared to cost of us (since all of us are in one way or another living and dying at the same time). Rich people can afford the operation, treatment, hospitalizing bills, and drugs so their way of dying bearable compared to those who can’t. Ill. “To each person, their own way of death – with dignity. ” At this age, I now look at suicide as something sad and depressing.

We now know for a fact that some people commit suicide because of psychological depression thinking that this Is the only way out. We feel sad for them, and think on how could the people around them possibly changed their decision. I remember years back when we hear of someone omitting suicide, one of the many things that pop out of our heads is the question “Why? ‘ Followed by a questioning thought If this person will still go to heaven because he/she lived a good life, or if he/she will go to hell because to be straight forward, it’s murder of one’s self.

Euthanasia gives the patient liberty to decide for his/her own life. We can try, but the truth is, none of us can fully comprehend someone else’s thoughts. We will never understand how a person feels, or how much pain they’re going through so who are we to Judge? 1 OFF to use abundantly together with the freedom to decide on what to do it. It is human to choose pleasure, enjoyment, and happiness. But sometimes, life will not offer these choices. There will be pain, suffering and sadness.

The movie mentioned a religious dogma that makes euthanasia unethical: “God almighty who wills us to suffer” This teaching goes against the objective of euthanasia to relive the patient pain and suffering making it morally wrong. On the contrary, God gave us the freedom to decide. It is in dying that we can union with him. The belief is that we should always let nature take it’s own course V. Crime vs.. Civil Rights: “When a law is deemed immoral by you, you must disobey it. Medicine and Law are two of the most influential and powerful disciplines in the world.

It is studied to help serve humanity but sometimes they clash for their arguments come from diverse objectives. Civil rights is about personal liberty-? patients have the discretion to seek suicide assistance making euthanasia a result of one’s personal decision and freedom to decide for his life. But the law does not make it legal to kill someone even with the patient’s consent. Dying is always easier to comprehend and acceptable if it’s a natural death when no other human is held responsible.