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Women in the Fields Essay

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The documental “Rape in Fields” was really heartbreaking. This docudrama is about adult females who are abused and sexually harassed by their employers.

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Women in the Fields Essay

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. It’s sad to see that these adult females one time didn’t have a voice because they were terrified of acquiring deported or fired. They kept lulls so they could go on working. They have suffered for so many old ages and have been through many atrocious yearss. Many Womans who worked in the Fieldss described the field as “the field of panties” and “the green motel. ” One could hold ne'er imagined what was go oning in these Fieldss if these adult females had ne'er spoken. One of the adult females. Maricruz Ladino. explains that even though she hates retrieving the past she is glad that adult females have eventually decided to talk out. One of the grounds that many adult females get abused and harassed is the fact that they are adult females. These women’s gender determines how they are traveling to be treated when working in these types of occupations. Bing a female can put these adult females in great danger. We live in a clip were adult females have gotten many adult females rights and have learned to fend for themselves. Unfortunately. many undocumented adult females still don’t know that they have many rights. For illustration. Dolores Huerta. a civil right militant and laminitis of The United Farm Workers of America explains: “I became cognizant of it as a immature adult female. and my female parent would ne'er allow me work in the fields…And so when I really did travel out and work in the Fieldss. so. like all of the other adult females. I saw the chief coming and vibrating around you. And of class that was something that made you really nervous. because you didn’t cognize if they were merely looking at your work or if they were looking at you. ” ( Frontline. 2013 )

The ground that they stay quiet it’s because they have to take attention of their households and are afraid to lose their occupations. Work force in this state of affairs are really chauvinist. They think that being work forces they are able to command adult females and do with them as they please. This adult females are defenceless and vulnerable and the discovery themselves seting up with the sexual torment because they don’t have another pick. Another ground that adult females are mistreated in this type of occupations is because they are immigrants. When these adult females come to the United States they want to break themselves and are in hunt of the American dream but this has some really sedate effects. They get abused and harassed and the ground that they decide to remain quiet is because they are afraid of traveling back to their state of beginning. They refuse to accept losing the life they have in the United States and they decide to set up with all the maltreatment. They endanger their lives because they want to keep onto a piece of the American dream. My parents were immigrants and they picked fruit from Fieldss and I’m glad that my ma had my pa besides her at all times. These adult females are willing to put on the line everything. including their organic structures and self-esteem. in order to maintain their occupations and remain in the United States.

Another factor that these adult females are targeted is because they don’t know the Torahs or cognize how to talk English. It’s atrocious to cognize that many of these adult females are forced to acquire in a auto and all of a sudden are being taken to an unknown location with a gun pointed at their caput and acquire repeatedly abused. There have been many instances about adult females acquiring abused but unfortunately these culprits were ne'er charged. The deficiency of grounds has affected many of this people’s life. These adult females don’t cognize what to make because they don’t know that there are Torahs to protect them. They fail to recognize that there are people out at that place to assist them but they don’t cognize even when they don’t cognize how to talk English there are people who are willing to assist all this undocumented abused adult females. In order for jurisprudence enforcement and societal workers to forestall these maltreatments they should travel to the Fieldss and workss and behavior interviews every 3 months. This would maintain employers from mistreating their employees and they can besides be cognizant that they will be penalized if any type of illegal activity is found in their work topographic point. Social workers should besides hold a hotline where adult females are able to describe any sexual torment in workss and the Fieldss. They should allow adult females cognize that they are by their side and their illegal in-migration position does non count when describing any barbarous incident. This manner adult female can experience safe and know that they are able to describe without being penalized. Another solution to this job is to give adult females some type of instruction about the topic and allow them cognize their rights so they can experience safe when describing any incorrect behaviors. These adult females need aid and with governments or societal workers acquiring involved small by small this job can acquire eliminated.

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