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Women and Full-Time Employment

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Phoenix Material Issue Analysis After reading the selected critical issue, use the following questions to analyze the issue. The word count for individual questions may vary but your responses should total 1,200- to 1,400-words for the entire worksheet. .1 What are some of the strengths associated with the Pro side of the Issue? What are some of the weaknesses? During the Pro side of the issue of women opting out, one of the strong points of the argument was that women were choosing to opt out of working once hey began having families.

Although we live in a time where men and women both are the bread winners on the homes, the women are still the ones who feel as If they have to stop working and stay at home all of the time to take care of the children. If the husband is the one making all the money for the household, the wife will decide to "choose" to quit their jobs because they feel as if thing are being taken care of on the financial front and they are needed at home to take care of the children. A weak point Is that If a woman wants to make the choice to continue working, they should array a man who is considerably younger or considerably older than they are.

An older man is said to have been working longer and will have the financial means necessary to keep up with a household. Women who do have kids will be able to choose to quit their Job because there is no need for extra wages to be coming In. If they decide to keep working they can then choose a part time job where they can be at home with the kids during the day while the father is at work, and work during the night while the kids are at home sleeping and under the care of the father.

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What are some of the strengths associated with the Con side of the issue? What are some of the weaknesses? In the debate on the Con side, a strength of the argument made Is that women are not opting out, they do not have choices or options. They are torn between being a nurturing mother, or having a strong career. In a lot of these career paths, the debate is to whether or not they are family friendly, or very flexible. The women feel the need to be at home taking care of the child and making money to support the family.

One of the weak points to this side of the argument Is that a woman may not have the desire to be with the child at the earlier stages of the child's life. For some women, that desire or the nature to be with the child comes at a later time, when they feel the child is beginning to really develop. Also, a point was made that there is a case of absent husbands, which Just means that the woman who shares the Job burden with the husband never gets to spend quality time with him.

Whenever she is home with the child, he is at work and when she is going to work, then he is Just coming in from his Job. The only solution that loud possibly be made in order to spend time together is to get a schedule where the parents are both working at the same times and maybe hire a babysitter or a nanny to lad In caring for the child while the parents are away at work. This way, both of the parents are free to work and will still have time when they come home to wind 1 OFF . 3 Based on the statements presented in this critical issue, which author do you agree with?

Provide supporting evidence. I am a little on the fence as to which side to agree with because while I feel that women do choose to stop working or angered to part time working when their children are born, I still think that it is possible that a lot of women do not get to work in a career where they can have both a family and a good strong career. In a lot of today's careers, a person needs to be flexible and needs to be able to give their Job 100 percent which Just cannot be done if there is a family that needs a parent.

In some situations, a man will stay home while the woman goes to work, and there is gender equality, but a lot of the time this is not to be the case. Although women had to fight to have the choice to work, there re a lot of men who still think the woman's "place" is at home taking care of the kids and doing the housework. Some men may tell the women that it is their choice to work, but it really is not much of a choice when there are no other options as far as taking care of the children.

I agree that not a lot of Jobs offer flexible schedules for those who have families, and when a person has to adjust their schedules frequently, people may see it as giving them favors. The first argument stated that we are going back in time instead of progressing, which I do not really agree with, so I agree more tit the second statement that was presented. Today is no longer Just a "man's world", and women are wanting to be standing as equal. .4 Explore two other roles that can be acquired during early and middle adulthood, such as through parenthood, romantic relationships, and career.

How have these roles changed through the past generations? One of the roles that has changed in the past generations is the one of being a caregiver. Seeing how more women are making it in the career fields, there are some men out there who are taking care of the home while the woman goes off to work and takes care of finances. It was said to be the woman's role to stay home and take care of the home as well as the children, but times have certainly changed. In some cases, both parents are working while the children either have babysitters, or they go into a day care facility.

Getting and staying married is another role that has changed through the years. In the past, even though the couple are no longer happy, they would stay married. In this case, it is no longer the same once the couple are not hashing out their differences. They are quick to leave once there is no more emotion left to try to patch things up in the relationship. 5 What psychological adjustments are made during early and middle adulthood to adapt to aging and changes in life style? How does this affect development?

For a woman, there are different psychological adjustments when it comes to adapting to age and changes in one person's lifestyle. A woman will have to go through many bodily changes that they may not be ready for, especially if someone has not explained to them what to expect and what is going to happen. Men go through their own bodily changes, but the psychology of it all for boys and girls are different. As need to do something "meaningful" or even sometimes a bit reckless. Not all people go through the same stages, and sometimes people will go through these stages at different times in their lives.

When people are growing up, they have to mentally prepare themselves for what they will be going through. Instead of being afraid and running away from the change, a person needs to prepare and welcome the change because it will be the beginning of a new period in their lives as they continue to grow and develop. While there are some things that a person will go through as they are developing, there will be things that a person goes through that can occur at any period of time.

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