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Why We Hate Hr?

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HR paper Why Do We Hate HR? Human Resource plays a key role in designing the performance management framework. Human Resource role is manifold and each of these roles well played can be highly beneficial to the organization. However, as it is now, the people in the department do not seem up to par. In the article, "Why We Hate HR," written by Keith H. Hammond, the author portrayed a negative stance on the department. He listed four reasons describing what is wrong with the Human Resource people. Based on those four main criticisms, three individual interviews were conducted to see either Hammond’s point of view is agreeable or not.

The interviewees also have given their personal experiences and opinions when comparing their Human Resources to Hammond’s judgment, thinking theirs need improvement, or believing who really are at fault. According to Hammond, he communicated and expanded on four main points to support his claim as follows: 1. Human Resource people aren't the sharpest tacks in the box. Human Resource people are often the dregs of the corporate world. Human Resource administrator get to those positions because they often can't handle jobs requiring more talent or imagination. 2.

Human Resource pursues efficiency in lieu of value. Efficiency is a lot easier to justify numerically and doesn't require a true understanding of what a corporation does. 3. Human Resource isn't working for you. The fear of litigation, hence leaving the organization’s corporate assets vulnerable, has pushed Human Resource toward a “one-size-fits-all” approach to managing the employees. In this sense, Human Resource, once believed to be an advocate for the employees, is now seen as a bad cop or a tool of top management. They are working to please their superiors and not there to answer to the people in the company. . The corner office doesn't get Human Resource (and vice versa). There's often little communication between the C-Suite and Human Resource. The subdivision of Human Resource is almost a separate entity from the corporation rather than the decision-making partner. Although the four reasons are negatively identified, Hammond’s article has a sense of progressive analysis that can be used for improvement. The only positive outlook on Human Resource from an interviewee was from Jonathan Wang, 32 years of age, a sales representative who provides companies with health insurance.

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Nguyen said that Hammond has the good points about the second reason in the fact that there are people who need to make a living and job stability. He continued by saying, “My job is entirely commission-based, meeting my quota is my job. ” The correlation between Nguyen’s responses and Hammond’s article was the fact that statistics are “easier to measure” and whatever it takes to get a good number is what Nguyen explained to be good but improvements are always welcomed. However, Nguyen disagreed with Hammond on his first reason.

He believed there are many companies which are too cheap to pay for a qualified Human Resources practitioner. As a result, the complaints about annual performance appraisals, retention and training, etc. , could be improved in organizations when the companies begin to hire qualified professional Human Resources practitioners and execs that get the value of people power. In the end, Nguyen does not see any faults with his Human Resource department because he takes full responsibility for his actions.

Considering that Nguyen is highly focused on his sales, his Human Resource division seems to be making good effort to motivate their employees. Unlike Nguyen’s optimistic views, the next interviewee, Elena To, 47 years old, held Human Resources in a strict, yet equal business position. She is a mother of two children and considered herself a jack of all trades who has had jobs as a retailer, nurse, and real estate. To agreed with Hammond’s most of his points but she disagreed with the fact that it is not only Human Resource’s responsibility but both parties’ fault.

She explained, “Each company knows who are the key players are and those players know who they are working for. They are only thinking for themselves. ” According to Tran, the fact that Human Resources were not working for you and the corner office does not understand him or her was completely each person’s doing. She said that improvements are necessary to stay on top of any business. Tran suggested that if each person in the company, whether it is the CEO or a Human Resource employee, would step out of their office or cubicle to just observe their surroundings, there would not be as many problems. The only people to be blamed are those doing the finger pointing” was the type of answer Tran gave when asked whether it is the Human Resource department’s fault. To also thinks that Human Resource offices are keyed into the number of hours of training they provide, not the results delivered. They seem to collect job applications and process job candidates in a manner designed to prove their own competency and not as a pipeline for needed talent. Automated systems may make it easier to outsource the administrative tasks of HR, but they don't necessarily add value.

The last interviewee is Michael Ung, who is a 24 year old full-time student who has a data entry part-time job at a health center. He believes that Hammond’s first reasoning was more than enough to say it is entirely the Human Resource department’s fault for his previous job experience. Ung said, “Human Resource’s job is to hire new employees and maintain the interests of everyone in the company. ” Continuing he explained that one of his previous employers was retailed-oriented and even though he was hired as a data entry, he was assigned to stock shelves, listen to customers, and cashier. I confronted their Human Resource representative that the job was not as described when I was hired and they just have a dumbfounded expression on the whole situation,” proclaimed Ung. In the end, he found a new job but Ung still believes that company’s division needs improvements such as understanding what it means to get the best out people and build upon their talents. Human Resource offices are keyed into the number of hours of training they provide, not the results delivered. They seem to collect job applications and process job candidates in a manner designed to prove their own competency and not as a pipeline for needed talent.

Automated systems may make it easier to outsource the administrative tasks of HR, but they don't necessarily add value. When all is said and done, people are only as good as those who lead them which Hammond points out that those in Human Resources cannot lead. As a Construction Engineering Management student, I hope to bring the business and construction industry side of this major back to the people. Engineering and construction are both businesses based on the people; their safety and well-being are the most important aspect of any job.

In order to become a great project manager, I have to consider every single person involved with the smallest of responsibilities. Within this assignment, I have confirmed my idea of working with people to be a foolhardy decision. This is due to the fact of knowing that every single person is impossible to please. From taking this class, I hope to gain some insight of methods and tactics that will help me in future when dealing with clients, superiors, co-workers, and subordinates. All in all, I hope this class proves that I made good choice of becoming involved with people and one day, make an impact on their lives.

In the article, Keith H. Hammonds states, “Human Resource people are, for the most practical purposes, neither strategic nor leaders. ” With his four main criticisms, the author expressions with examples the unconstructive people in the department. Comparing the three interviews that were conducted to Hammond’s discrimination, there was not too much of a difference. Each interviewee has agreed about the author’s point of view, explained with their stories, and concluded whose fault was it. The negativity towards and within Human Resources is present and affecting every person involved with the company.

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