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Where Would I Be Without Freedom

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I walk upon the earth and marvel at the ability to let the grass cushion my wandering feet. What if my feet could not wander What if I were a slave to this rich soil, then where would I be Society may not be controlled, and it may wander aimlessly perhaps, but it wanders on its own course. I walk with society and against it, and I have the freedom to do this. I would not be able to write such an essay if I didnt have my freedom.

It is this freedom that allows me to write an essay differently from other people and is what has taken many others and me as far along in our journey. Freedom is the grass that cushions my step, the softness that allows me to tread anywhere without the fear of persecution. Without this layer of protection I would not want to stray far from what I know. Without protection from the corrupt world, I would remain the same immature child who could not walk far from what I could not see.

Light liberates darkness the same as freedom liberates slaves. Darkness is the absence of light just as slavery is merely the absence of freedom. Without the light of this freedom I would be in the shadow of darkness; confined to the barren ignorant lands that light never reaches. Grass ceases to grow and life as I know it would be useless dead. The fire that burns within the soul is fueled by the sun, fueled by the liberation and freedom which allows us to fill ourselves with worldly and unworldly beliefs.

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There is little faith behind a society who does not have the ability to choose its own unworldly beliefs. Being spoon-fed from birth by my Orthodox Baptist parents, I rode my own spirit into the arms of God and the ways of Christianity. Faith may guide many a man and his heart, but freedom guides the soul. No one knows the truth concerning God, religion, or existence, but the freedom to seek the truth ike I have has made me whole. Without freedom I would still place myself higher than everything else and perceive myself as my own master.

This provincial nature that the world commercializes I once held, but it has been freed by the disuniting of my flesh and its influence upon my mind, soul, and heart. Freedom is too immense a concept to comprehend yet too narrow a word to define, but it drives me. Without it I become dark and meek as I look to the cold earth for heavenly answers. Freedom is there for anyone even slaves. The light needs but to be turned on and ignorance can do nothing but flee.

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