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What is Psychology?

Before having an eye on the goals of psychology we have to be clear about what psychology is? Some people thinks that this is only the study of human behavior but it is not entirely correct but it can be a part of psychology . In Psychology we not only target the humans but also the animals too. It is the study of understanding minds, natures and behaviors in any particular situation.

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As the human’s and animal’s minds are so complex and all are different from each other that anyone can hardly imagine by this we can estimate the depth in this field.

As other fields eg astronomy, astrology, biology are science piecewise psychology is also a science and does not only dependent on just on observations. It is a science because if we observe any thing and we will get the results what we expect! To lessen this biasness there are some procedures and experiments are done. As we know it is a science in which we study minds and behaviors so it also has its goals as other fields do have they are stated below. Goals of psychology There are four major goals of psychology that are stated below

* Description Explanation * Prediction * Control Description:- This is the first step of understand anything Here in description we just see what the problem is? Or what is actually happening rather than defining the whole scenario. Some of the questions we can assume here in this scenario e. g. what is happening? To whom its happening? Where it is happening? For example if a person was doing his job perfectly but now a days his performance is affected and laid down badly and became rude to everyone. So there must be some problem. So this is the indication for a treatment.

Low performance in the work and having rude behavior are the points which are to be noted here and observed and the output of this goal is just the observation. Explanation:- This is the second step where we have the observations and now we start ponder that why this is happening here in our example we will see the reason of this kind of behavior weather it is due to any physical or psychological disorder or any bad incident is occurred with that man which is effecting on his life. In other words the complete explanation of his observed behavior will be done.

He might be asked questions or the sessions with the psychologists. So that any theory can be form as this is the output of this phase of understanding the behavior. Prediction:- At this point we have the theories now this is the time to predict when this thing happens in future? Weather these strange behaviors can be changed or not? Weather our object always do this or at any particular time? Whether he can get back to work with the previous pleasant behavior and good performance? These all questions will be answered to leads towards the last goal.

Control:- To control one’s mind or behavior was somewhat controversial in past that was thought as the brain washing but is not like that and even not the focus of this goal. The main objective is to change the behavior which is undesirable to us. Here in our example the previous good performance at work and the peasant behavior is desired so the current behavior is to be changed. For this psychologists and the psychiatrist can work together and try to improve the behavior of the person by giving him the sessions and treatment.