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Web Conferencing Programs Research Memo

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In our meeting last week we discussed moving to different Web Conferencing software in an effort to become more user friendly to our remote users, and to enable cost savings in our telecom and IT infrastructure. I undertook the assignment to research the available software solutions and have found one that I believe will allow our company to achieve the objectives set forth during our meeting. During my research I came upon four different programs that I thought would meet our criteria. I will explain which one I believed was the superior choice and then explain what led me to that conclusion.

I have included a table listing the top four in the reference pageThe software that I believed was the best fit for us is Netviewer Meet 6. 0. My criteria that my decision was based on were: Features, Usability, Security, Support, Price and Trial availability. I will explain my choice based on two of them, features and price. Feature wise almost all of the four under consideration had, for the most part the same features between them.

The Online Meeting Tools Review (n. d) website indicated a that Netview Meet 6. had by far the best set of features that could be found in one program, based on the chart given on that websites page titled “Functions and Features of the 5 best web conferencing services”. Some of those features were that it allowed for desktop and selected application access as well as the ability to change presenters instantly and to be able to transfer mouse and keyboard control as well as a being user friendly with ”w ide-ranging options that can be hidden and revealed using the profile manager” (Online Meeting Tools Review website, n. ).

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The price on the service was a key factor in leading to my decision as well. It has a monthly subscription fee of $49 per month which allows for 100 participants which was the best price per user from a cost standpoint. Also there is no need to purchase additional hardware or reconfigure firewalls and proxy settings as it supports most current configurations. By utilizing Netview Meet 6. 0 our department can enable more efficient remote collaboration thru more advanced web conferencing software.

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