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Ways of Knowing

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I choose to talk on this essay about how they have an Impact on my process of acquiring knowledge are: 1) Emotion 2) Memory 3) Reason I will start with emotion. I believe emotion has a great role on all individuals' process of acquiring knowledge.

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Ways of Knowing

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. Another daily example of when emotion comes into its defining role is when we come into the position of having to choose where we are going to eat, at which restaurant.

Emotion might lead us to choose our favorite restaurant other than trying out a new restaurant and this is avoiding us to try out new experiences, learn new food tastes and therefore emotion again has an impact on my/everybody process of acquiring knowledge. However emotion might also have a positive impact on ones process of acquiring knowledge. For example, I once traveled to New Zealand and had the chance to bungee Jump. My parents told me not to jump, they were scared that I could hurt myself Jumping, but my emotions told me that I should Jump, that It would be a good experience, something new.

And so I did. Exposed myself to something new and therefore learned something, acquired knowledge. And all this positive acquiring of knowledge was only possible because my emotion told me to jump, to try something new. I believe memory has a very negative role on an individual's process of acquiring knowledge. That's due to the fact the many times people try something out and have a negative experience and this first negative experience stays in their memory and blocks them from trying this actively again and possibly having a positive second experience.

I myself have many example of a blocking first negative experience. For example: When I was a kid, I tried this Russian food called "standoff' once and didn't like it, because of this experience I have never tried it again and this has avoided me from possibly having a positive second experience and possibly liking the dish very much, but the memory from the first negative experience has blocked me from ever having the second try. However memory can have some positive effects on an Individual's process of aqualung knowledge.

For example: You might not have seen a friend for a long time, and you pass by him on the street. If it wasn't for your memory you might not recognize him and call his attention so that you two could meet each other after so many years and chat. If it wasn't for your memory (which allowed you to recognize your friend) you would not be able to meet him and chat with him, therefore you would not learn what he has been up too In the last few years.

This recognition allowed an encounter which opens has been up too in the last few years). Reason is very similar to emotion, they are linked in a way, some say they are opposites. Reason is present in every decision we make. Using the example from emotion about the restaurants, reason might be present. For example: You might chose between restaurant A and restaurant B because restaurant A serves a type of food you like the best, that's reason involved in your Judgment.

But how can reason affect your process of acquiring knowledge? Well, when studying for a test, you might be undecided whether to study from a book or study from the internet. When taking this decision you will (maybe even unconsciously) use reason to decide whether to study from a book or from the internet, and when you do so you will then have effectively affected your process of acquiring knowledge, as you will now be acquiring knowledge for your test from a different source.

One personal example of how reason has affected my process of acquiring knowledge was when I was undecided whether to buy a book called "How to rap" or a book called "The www-tang manual". I used reason on deciding which book to buy, Judging the pros and the cons of each book. And I finally decided to buy "How to rap". This truly had an impact on my process of acquiring knowledge because I am now acquiring knowledge from the book "How to rap" but if my reason process had decided that "The www-tang manual" was a better book then I would be acquiring knowledge from "The www-tang manual".

Therefore reason helped me choose between two different sources of knowledge and now I am acquiring knowledge from one of them and not the other, therefore my process of acquiring knowledge has be affected. Reason might not always make you make the best decisions, it all depends on how you're reasoning process is made, but it surely happens in every decision we cake, Just like emotion. As a conclusion, I believe that all seven ways of knowing has an impact on an individual's process of acquiring knowledge.

Some might be positive sometimes and some might be negative sometimes, but they are always taking a role, no matter if positively or negatively in or decisions and in or process of acquiring knowledge

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