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Vote of Thanks Critical Essay

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A blazing start paves the way for surefire success. This also applies for the hugely anticipated annual inter school extravaganza LA Fest. A yearly conclave that causes sparks to fly as the titans from rival clans face off for a fight to the finish. Wars have been waged on this very stage . The ethereal aura has passed but has not dimmed in the slightest. On the contrary it shines more radiantly in the light from the new dawn that is breaking. We had a very auspicious beginning under the aegis of Dr. Soorya Krishnamoorthy . the initiator of the much lauded and immensely popular Soorya Festival. He needs no more introduction.

I , on behalf of the entire Loyola fraternity profusely our C G for having spared his time. I invite Rev. Fr. K P Mathew to present the memento to Dr. Soorya Krishnamoorthy as a token of our gratitude. I proceed to thank the backbone of all our ventures here at Loyola , our principal Fr. K P Mathew ably assisted by our vice principals Fr. Devassy Paul and Fr. Antu Xavier. What is a party without guests ? Similarly what is a LA Fest sans the presence of the participating schools ? A round of applause to all the visitors for making the atmosphere festive yet charged with a healthy friendly competition.

Organization is not just one big thing , but a million small things. I thank all the teaching and non teaching staff for their meticulousness in helping so far. Last but never the least I thank all you Loyolites , you are the heart , soul and spirit of every function. You are the fuel that ignites the fire. 17 tales have been wrought into history. The 18th edition will be branded into your memory as one unforgettable climax. LA Fest has come of age. The question is can you unravel your story in our theatre of dreams?... Thank you for being here. I hope you all will enjoy this day…Thank you.

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