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Unmistakably Racist

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Miami is a state of America and so thus Michigan. These two states are both progressive like any other states in America. But when one tackles about the racism that is happening in those two states, there are some things that are surprisingly odd.

After reading the article written by William Booth entitled “A White Migration North from Miami,” I easily got the gist of the article which says “There is a racism that is happening in Miami.” And from that very point of the fact that racism is present there, Michigan is no doubt a good comparison with that of Miami.

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On my own understanding of racism, I define it as a discrimination of a superior race over the inferior ones. In the article of Booth, he cited many instances wherein the Americans feel that they are being discriminated because of the fact that their population is clearly a minority in the state.

It seems that wherever they go, even in malls, food chains or government institutions, the people are Spanish speakers. They really feel that the place is not theirs anymore because of the massive invasion of the Spanish speaking people. To make the racism clear enough, I want to conclude from what Booth says in the article, that whoever holds the most population, they are the ones who are more likely rule the place just like what happened in Miami.

It is true that there is a reverse racism in Miami. Americans usually think that they are the superior race. But in the case of Miami, Spanish speaking people become the superior class because of their increasing numbers. In Michigan, Americans still reign the seat of superior class.

Tracing back the history, the White Americans were discriminating the Black Americans. One good example of it was the way the students were treated. According to Zbrozek of The Daily Michigan, blacks, unlike the whites, were not allowed to attend dance classes and to use swimming pools.

He also said that blacks were also not enjoying the rights of white students to join political activities in school. The discrimination of whites towards the blacks is very evident.

Nowadays, there was still some racism that is happening in Michigan but not that bad like before just like what  Monique Luse said because as what Isaac Curtis in the article written by Jeff Barr that a good man is no doubt a good man no matter what his color and race. And Black Americans have already proven their worth in the society.

I think my point is now clear enough. Booth is right. The majority wins over the minority and in this case, it is not an exemption. Are you the one who is discriminating someone or the one who is being discriminated? If you are the racist one, have you ever wondered if discriminating people are good habit to do?

What if you go to a place where you and your class are being discriminated because of the apparent fact that you are a minority group of people in that particular place? Do you think you will feel good? Come to think of it as early as now. You will never know what will be the twist of fate do unto you.

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