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Types of adaptations for Spina Bifida

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Biffed is a neural tube defect that affects many small children. The severity of this condition can differ from case to case depending on the position of the protrusion of a fluid filled sac, making nerves and parts of the spinal cord visible on the back. Types of adaptations for this disability can be equipment or rule related. Someone who suffers from Spins Biffed often has some movement of limbs and is able to participate in some activities using lighter equipment since they may not have enough strength to throw a heavy ball or swing a heavy bat.

Using foam or near balls or plastic equipment may be a proper equipment adaptation and will allow for more effective participation by the student. Rule modifications such as using bases that are closer to each other in baseball or allowing for a second bounce in tennis would be great ways to include an individual with mild Spins Billed. People with Spins Billed sometimes have trouble making swift movements or running long distances so these accommodations would be sensible solutions for Inability to perform these physical tasks. Some physical activities that would be appropriate Is a game of foam ball tennis.

This would be played with a soft foam tennis ball and light tennis rackets. The student with the disability would be able to hit the ball over the net because It would require a lot less strength and would work on hand-eye coordination. Another activity could be basketball with a short basket where the student would use a lighter ball. These accommodations are appropriate because these students with Spins Biffed don't have as much strength or range of motion so making the target goal shorter or more reachable would allow for Inclusion In these actively.

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Types of adaptations for Spina Bifida essay

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