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Peculiar Brazilian economics and culture have recently made television the leading instrument of advertising in the country. Economic research data shows that advertising expenditures in Brazil have significantly increased with the rapid development of telecommunications. The state of telecommunications in Brazil (4, p. 31) Television remains the leading promotional channel in Brazil. The growing popularity of telenovelas and the growing number of women, who regularly watch television, emphasize the importance of television channels in promoting Mario Badescu products to Brazilian market.

Statistics suggests that 65% of women watch television daily. 74% of these women spend their time watching telenovelas; others watch news or beauty programs (4, p. 30). This is why we will concentrate on television advertising campaign, to make the product familiar to Brazilian market. It is often stated that disregarding Brazilian national traditions in advertising will lead any product to failure (4, p. 32). Brazilian soap operas have already turned into a separate Brazilian tradition.

By using television and soap operas as the means of advertising and promotion, we satisfy the two basic promotional needs: we support the "soap opera" tradition for Brazilian women, and create strong brand associations between the opera, television, the brand, and the consumer. We plan to invest $1,500,000 into our advertising campaign, and we will have to allocate these limited resources between TV advertising, outdoor advertising, e-commerce and electronic distribution, as well as one or two Brazilian fashion magazines.

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We suggest contacting one of the leading local advertising agencies, which is well familiar with the Brazilian advertising realities, and will make the allocation of our advertising resources more effective. TV Globo In order to make TV advertising more effective, we will concentrate our advertising efforts on one TV network: TV Globo. In 1998, TV Globo was listed as the world fourth largest TV network. Since 1998, the network has been daily attracting 60 percent of Brazilian population, and has accumulated 75 percent of advertising revenues in Brazil (8, p.

145). TV Globo is listed among the five major commercial networks in Brazil; its daily prime time audience equals 100 million people. TV Globo has initially been the major producer and promoter of telenovelas in Brazil. Thus, TV Globo is the best advertising choice for marketing Mario Badescu products. Using TV Globo makes it possible to concentrate our efforts on one effective advertising channel. It is a cost-effective advertising approach, which will allow us targeting the major portion of Brazilian population with Mario Badescu cosmetic products.

We suggest using the slogan "I feel you… I touch you… I love you…" In our short advertising video, we will combine the visual image of Mario Badescu products with the visual image of an attractive man. In this way, we expect to incorporate more sense and sexuality into our advertising campaign, which will be more appealing to Brazilian women. The slogan will represent the intimate and wonderful emotions each woman experiences when using Mario Badescu skincare products. Outdoor advertising In 2005, Brazilian and foreign companies invested 6 million dollars in outdoor advertising.

The four major forms of outdoor advertising in Brazil include transport, street furniture, billboards, and alternative media. Despite the well-known campaign for “clean city” recently launched in San Paulo, other large Brazilian cities remain open to outdoor advertising. These large cities represent extremely promising target markets for Mario Badescu brand. The cost of advertising in the major Brazilian cities will depend on the exact billboard location and the size of each particular billboard.

Outdoor advertising expenditures in Brazil (2003-2005) In our outdoor advertising, we will use simplistic approaches, which are traditional for outdoor advertising in Brazil (1, p. 104). It is critical, that Mario Badescu outdoor advertising billboards attract consumers’ attention, and involve them into a kind of dialogue. The benefits of outdoor advertising are evident: the customers see advertising, the product, and the slogan each time they leave home, look into the window, or simply walk across the street.

The need to use outdoor advertising in our promotion campaign is justified by the fact, that the United States primarily supplies Brazil with mass-market cosmetics, which is more expensive than that produced locally (7). This is why we need to use all possible advertising tools to prove, that our products are more competitive and deserve attention even despite their relatively high prices for consumers. In outdoor advertising, we will combine the visual “green” appearance of Badescu brand with the slogan “I feel you… I touch you… I love you…" similar to the one we use in our TV advertising campaign.

This will produce an engaging effect on the potential consumers (especially women). As long as we are targeting the high income population with our cosmetic products, the billboards are to be located in the middle and higher class neighborhoods, to attract the attention of the potential consumers. We will also consider the most promising high class locations for our stores, to make it convenient for our high and middle class consumers.

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