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Trends in the Future of Human Resource

The year is 2058, our human resources have become scarce to the entire world population. Scientist have began experimenting with new and improved technology by controlling the weather to try and help the ground become fertile and usable. People are killing each other for water and food.

Most of the earth’s soil has turned to sand, people and animals have become infected with a virus contracted from the several desperate attempts to make the soil more fertile for crops and vegetation through the rain. The rain is what the entire world fears; there is something in the rain that cause a zombie-like-virus.

It was five years ago when we had realized the rain was deadly to the human race. I remember like it was yesterday; My family and I were having a good ole sunday barbeque when my mother asked my sister and I, to go inside and grab the hot dogs and hamburgers.

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I noticed the sky filling with, what looked like, rain clouds. I ignored it and went inside. The next thing i heard was the rain falling hard and then screaming, I rush to the window to see my family on the ground convulsing profusely and foaming at the mouth I quickly covered my sisters eyes and held her. It was very traumatic for me.

Every since that day my sister and I take shelter in underground bunkers and when the food and water in that bunker runs out we travel to the next bunker for more supplies. In present day now, it is ten of us traveling from bunker to bunker to hide from the drones that the “outsiders” use to track down people who are left in, what we call, “Area 51.”

The “outsiders” have quarantined what used to be known as the state of Mississippi. They kill anyone and anything that is seen roaming around in Area 51. Which brings me back to the reasoning behind the process of my group and I jumping from bunker to bunker to survive the rain, the outsiders, and the expanding zombie-like-human population.

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