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Training for Development

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HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ------------------------------------------------- ASSIGNMENT ------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVE: This assignment is intended to provide an opportunity to students to prepare an academic paper according to proper academic writing styles, to demonstrate an understanding on the subject matter – HRM, undertaken in this course. INSTRUCTIONS: * Students to submit a hardcopy of the assignment to the facilitator or the faculty administrator on the due date. * Use double space and 12-point of Times New Roman font. * The assignment to contain 2500-3000 words. 10-12 pages). * References should use the American Psychological Association (APA) format. * Plagiarism is not acceptable. If you are not sure what is meant by plagiarism, refer to the various websites which discuss this matter. * Assessment of assignments will be based on a holistic approach, concentrating on the three dimensions of assessment criteria—focus of content, organization & development of ideas, and flaws of mechanics, which will determine the grading. * Assignments should be submitted according to the date set by the University. ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONS

To Choose ONE Question from Assignment 1 and ONE from Assignment 2. Assignment 1 (20 Marks) QUESTION 1 --Training & Development What training and development activities do the line and functional managers undertake in an organization with which you are familiar? What involvement do they have with the organization’s trainers? Critically discuss the issue relating your understanding to what you examine at the workplace. QUESTION 2 -- Job Analysis in HR Selection Compare and contrast key aspects of Selection practice in your organization with one other organization you are familiar with.

What could your organization and the other organization learn from each other in terms of Selection best practice? Discuss. QUESTION 3 – Performance Management ------------------------------------------------- Organizations practice a number of different performance appraisal methods. In order to ensure the success of the method implemented, certain processes need to be in place. Outline the processes and documentation your organization or any other organization of your choice would need to have in place to successfully implement performance management.

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Assignment 2 (10 Marks) QUESTION 1 (Human Resource Planning) Do you think that most human resource planning is undertaken on the basis of organizational objectives or more on an “as necessary” basis? Why? QUESTION 2 (Recruiting/Job Analysis)) Critically discuss the statement, ’an individual who owns a business should be able to recruit and hire whomever he or she pleases’. OR ‘Job analysis is essential in order to get the best staff to work in modern, rapidly changing organizations’.

Training for Development essay

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