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Towards an Understanding of Human Resource Management

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Aim: With today’s rapid economic development, human resource is the only major success in continuing operations. In fact, my parents are engaged in furniture retail industry in south of China, Guangzhou. In the company’s daily operations, we found a lot of issues about human resource management. Employee’s demission and training, and the negative attitude become major obstacles in the way of our company’s development. Through HRM study, I want to understand what factors affect staff movement behavior and loyalty to the company, in order to deal with the staff situation in the company more efficiently.

Method: In this thesis, the case study approach was used. Case study research is suitable for explanatory, descriptive and exploratory. Our research chooses two in-depth case studies that base on the interviews with human resource managers. The information that we collect is from qualitative interviews. Through loyalty and movement theory, to identify which factors are affecting staff movement behavior and loyalty to company, as well as analyze how to solute the issue in my family company.

Result & Conclusions: After discussion and analysis, the study found: high wages is not the only way to retain employees. Money as reward can cost a lot, and it’s impersonal. Workplace, leadership style, enterprise potential, training opportunity and promotion space also can affect employee loyalty. According to Motivator-Hygiene Theory, to establish motivation system, exciting staff’s enthusiasm for the work. Let staff realize that the successes of the company are directly connected to their performances; staff have responsibility for company’s successes.

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This is a powerful way to keep employee motivated. For company development of long standing, organization should command constantly more new technology. Staff as the work of actors, to learn more work skills is essential. Employees and the company’s desire is the same. Companies focus on their own development, but also to enhance staff capacity. For development of the company, it should give staff more training and promotion opportunities.

Suggestions for future research: It has to note that the limitation of this study is the small number and the limited scope of interviewees. Contribution of the thesis: In this study, I mainly find the solutions that the issues in my family company. After discussion and analysis, I am cognizant of the long-term relationship between staff and organization is important for company development. The rewards for the employee are not just money, but also can be other. That effect and help my family firm staff management.

Towards an Understanding of Human Resource Management essay

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