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Theorizing The Evolutionary Theory And Its Influence On Particular Characteristic Traits

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Wang carried out three efferent studies in hopes of pinpointing which tasks, ranging from easy to difficult would yield the greatest "proboscis" type of behavior in young children. Anther key aspect of their research included theorizing the Evolutionary Theory and its influence on particular characteristic traits. They attribute improved phenotypes traits to the evolution of humans in today's society. Survival of the fittest embodies the idea that the more viable a trait the better chance an organism has of surviving and producing off-springs that carry on those traits.

However in regards to survival of the fittest, closely related to evolution, do some people view a "nicer" approach to others In order to gain from them and better their status In life? This question among others were proposed and tested In this study. Fortunately, a good majority of the article's background Information was easily relatable to prior knowledge I've acquired from completed biology courses and this psychology class. In Introducing Psychology chapter seven gives insight into the concept of IQ, how it was created, and what applications we still use today.

According to the textbook one of the first tests created for intelligence was the ratio intelligence quotient. Bines and Simon, "develop[deed] an objective test that would provide an unbiased measure of a child's ability. " (Pig. 214) Thirty simple tasks were accumulated and put onto one test and administered to younger children. This IQ test was beneficial for that particular age group but did not fair well with adults. The deviation IQ was later introduced to avoid any discrepancies In regards to age.

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By comparing test scores of a particular errors to the average test score of that person's selected age group they were able to find a more accurate IQ number. Most of what Blend and Simon developed Is still used today with moderate tweaking along the way. Reverting back to the article, Intelligence and Proboscis Behavior: Do Smart Children Really Act Nice? IQ is referenced often as a main component in the study. Although the article does not give much explanation to IQ and the significance of its numerical value the textbook allows me as the reader to better understand this concept.

Another interesting incept that the book addresses is that IQ should not only be approached operationally but also by the "consequential behavior" and the "response" to that particular question. The authors advocate that "behaviors that most of us think of as smart" (Pig. 216) often yield higher achievements acquired by people that poses these traits. The article In reference Is theorizing that "being nice or acting nice" Is a smart trait to have. Overall, the study concludes that the relationship between proboscis behavior and aptitude is not a positive or negative linear line and is mostly situational.

Experience how they will react to certain situations presented by the physiologists. This article was extremely interesting and gave thoughtful insight into how intelligence can be further defined. Future experiments regarding this topic will build upon these proposed theories and will expand and refine them to find a stronger correlation between these two traits. I would suggest this article to those that are trying to expand on positive psychology and willing to carry out similar experiments or refine them in order to better understand its significance or insignificance.

Theorizing The Evolutionary Theory And Its Influence On Particular Characteristic Traits essay

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