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Themes in the Crucible

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Jacob Fallin Mrs. James English III 22 November 2010 Themes in The Crucible In my essay I’m going to be talking about the themes in The Crucible. “Saving your image is not worth the lives of innocent people. ” Danforth did not want to postpone the hanging because he doesn’t want to look weak in Salem. So to look powerful he showed no mercy, didn’t not postpone the hangings, and so people with respect him in all ways.

“Lies may be truth, and truth may be lies. ” Said by John Proctor, innocent persons knew the truth while Abigail said that they were working with the devil.So who is going to believe who? That is what happens danforth does not believe the innocent, but the liers. “It’s better to fail with honor than succeed as a fraud. ” John Proctor died knowing the truth while Abigail ran away from the innocent lives that she took from good people and she did that with her life of lies, and gets away from everything that happened to all the innocent people that died for telling the truth and not doing witchcraft but was accused for it and then was hanged if did not confess.Jacob2 “When good men do nothing, evil can triumph. ” If people in Salem said that Abigail and the other girls were lying they could have had a chance for the innocent to live.

But only one person stood up for himself and the innocent [John Proctor] and he was hanged for not confessing to witchcraft which he was innocent but since he said “I am not with god. ” “A lie told often enough becomes the truth. ”Abigail and all the other girls, which said the same thing over and over again that was “so and so used witchcraft” and Judge Danforth believed Abigail and all the other girls which caused several death of innocent people like Corey Giles who was pressed to death they did that cause, so it soon became the truth to the court. Whoever was accused was going to get hanged unless the confessed and there were a few that did confess, and will be remembered by being known for doing witchcraft but the ones that didn’t confess were hanged, the last two people that hanged and did not confess was Rebecca Nurse ,and John Proctor. One error can lead up to many errors. ” It all started because of Abigail and John's relationship, that’s when the witch trials and hangings occurred. All of this could have not started if John had not had the affair with Abigail and gave her hope that they would one day be together and she still though that john and her would soon be together because his wife was accused.

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