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The Superstitious Life

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Superstitions are Bored Superstitions are like a bad lie depends on you if you believe in it, superstitions depends on “good look” that is a different and more joyful word to say destiny, the begging of superstitions are more like the cause of the problems and the consequences aren’t “bad luck” the real consequences are “you brake it you pay it”. The consequences are the same in the superstitions and in the “real life” because if you pass under a ladder something can fall in your head and I think that could the “bad luck” for passing under a ladder.

The “good luck” consequences, are also completely false because one time I hit my elbow, my mom told me don’t rub yourself and you will get good luck, I follow the advice of my mother and nothing happened, so is kind of fool to believe in superstitions. For many people the superstitions are like part of their life and let’s be intelligent you don’t depend on your “luck”, life depends on your attitude. Also the “superstitions “are different around the world because in some place the action you make here means something and maybe in china means another.

Traditions are also like “superstitions” because you decide the way things’ sense let’s say an example in some parts of the world if you burp at the table you don’t have education, but in India if you don’t burp means that you didn’t like the food, so is completely contradictory. But this is my personal opinion and you don’t have to follow my thoughts, everyone can have different ideas and believe whatever you want. Be yourself and have a pleasant and good life. By Ricardo Linares Hernandez 3rd A

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The Superstitious Life

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