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Writing A Paper Takes Patience and Time

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A good piece of writing job is never easy to do. Writing is not as simple as it looks. There are too many things to think about even before a person would start writing. The first task of a writer is to think of a subject or topic that he or she is interested in writing about. He or she would then have to do researches to know if there will be sources to back up the paper. Next, the writer should make an outline to make his or her ideas organized, which would help the the whole paper to make sense.

After making an outline, the writer can start with the writing process and make a first draft. Everyone should remember that they should never be satisfied with just a first draft because there are still many things to do after writing this draft. Usually, papers take too long to be written because writers tend to spend too much time thinking and deciding what topic to write about. However, once the writer knows what to write about, everything is expected to go smoothly. A lot of time and effort goes into researching about the chosen subject.

At times, problems would be encountered when the writer finds out that there are only few sources that he or she can use. Researching requires a person to go to the library, conduct surveys, or search the Internet. All of these things take up time, which is why writers should allot enough time to write their papers. Or else, if unavoidable circumstances arise, it might be too late to do anything. Making an outline will make one's ideas flow continuously without awkward transitions from one topic to the next.

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A good writer also knows that to be able to produce a sensible paper, he or she has to follow a schedule because this would lessen the chances of cramming. A paper will always look as if it is rushed so having a schedule is better than to receive a failing mark. Before even beginning to write the first draft, writers should think of their audience. This is the people they intend to talk to through their work. Writers should know how knowledgeable their audience are about the topic being talked about so that no one will get confused and effort would not be wasted.

Knowing who the audience will be also contributes to the ease of writing because the writer will know how extensive he or she needs to get on the paper to be able to communicate with the audience. Writers should readily accept that first drafts really do have mistakes. This is why they are called drafts. Not all writers can perfect a writing job the firs time around because it is hard to concentrate on thinking what to write and think about the grammatical structure of the whole paper at the same time.

Drafts are meant to have mistakes and writers should always remember to make room for improvement. Writing takes time because writers should make sure that what they are writing about makes sense. They should be able to write sensibly and continuously without gearing off the topic or focusing on one aspect of the paper that other topics are being left out. After making a draft, writers should revise their papers and have them proofread by someone who has knowledge on the subject or someone who has the authority to do so.

Revising will correct mistakes and make sure that the whole paper is complete in terms of ideas. Allowing somebody else to read the paper would help produce an unbiased opinion about the areas of the paper that need improvement. Revising would take time because checking for mistakes can take into two forms: one is for grammatical mistakes, and two is for the content errors. One cannot check for both at the same time. After having the first draft revised and proofread, the writer should follow the suggestions and comments by the other person and apply the corrected mistakes on the next paper.

This process is repeated until the time comes when both the writer and the editor are satisfied with the work. Aside from these things, writing does take time because of the writers. It is known that writers cannot force themselves to write whenever they do not have the proper inspiration to do so. There are those who can write only at a certain time of the day. There are those who has to have a something before or during writing that without it, they will not be able to function.

This is because writers need to be in the right state of mind and at the right moment to be able to come up with a good paper. This is opposed to other types of work where people can start and end their jobs at designated times. Writing does take a lot of patience and time but this is only because writers want to make sure that they bring out the best piece of writing to their audience. It does take a while and writers need to go through several processes but these efforts would pay off when they see the results of their work.

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