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The Responsibility Project

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The Responsibility Project The Responsibility Project 9/17/2012 ETH/316 The Responsibility Project The issues in this film are important because it shows how a typical shift may seem like everything goes wrong, and nothing could possibly make things worse. There are days when the typical worker wishes they did not get out of bed. Occurrences happen and people want to run off the job and give up, but people should not give up. Accidents happen, and when they do, people should evaluate what is happening at work. There are ways and options to fix broken lights, and equipment utilized on the job.

At times it looks like there is no solution, but there are always options one may not view as available to them. The best option for an employee to choose is to not panic. The job looks dark at times, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, or in this case, a light in the top of the lighthouse. The film teaches how equipment failures occur, but if people ban together and help each other the job will go smoothly and the organization of the company improves. The roles of external social pressures have a high amount of influence in organizational ethics.

The news media, social networks, and word of mouth of customers affect the organizations publicity and reputation immensely. The employees of a company should always remember to help each other when they are able, and an extra hand makes light work. Social pressures influence organizations and companies to maintain quality assurance within the organization. The company must maintain a clean, safe, and productive environment at all times. A well-organized company will work with ease, and if the equipment is well maintained the company is productive and more efficient.

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The Responsibility Project

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If the company is dangerous for the employees and the customers, the publicity is hazardous for the economic status of the company. These issues are relevant to the organization because if the news media knows a certain organization is hazardous to the health of the employees and the customers, the business will fall into economic strife, and this would lead to the downfall of the local economy as well. It is important for the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment to remain healthy and well adjusted. If proper maintenance and equipment checks are not regularly scheduled, the equipment may malfunction.

Clean work areas and production floors are necessary to keep the company running smoothly. A clean and well maintained work place will minimize errors and accidents. When all the employees maintain their work area and continue to perform their tasks of production, the organization will have a proper balance and flow of output. The relationship between legal and ethical issues in this film about a lighthouse is brilliant. The video tells a story in three minutes that had my imagination flowing with years of friendship and responsibility between the men of the town, and the workers of the lighthouse.

The ship is in danger of crashing on the rocks off the shore, and the men in the town are off work, and in the local pub. They are jovial and happy at their gathering, while the man in the lighthouse is at his post. He sits there documenting his ledgers, and when the light makes a noise and goes out, he stumbles in the darkness to investigate his equipment. He is a bit clumsy at the light when he is trying to repair the damage, and he breaks it worse than it was. He unethically had a mess of tools in the work area he tripped over, but that was not illegal.

Sadly the boat continues towards the lighthouse in the dark. The man in the lighthouse soon hears a noise. He opens the door and sees all the men in town climbing up the hill to offer him a light. They all stand around the top of the light tower with their lanterns just in time for the boat to turn and safely go around the peninsula. The men in town were not legally responsible to save the ship, or help with the lighthouse, but ethically the town all pulled together to help each other. Reference http://www. youtube. com/watch? feature=player_embedded&v=FIG0L5OhhdE

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