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The Realization of My Advantages

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Each individual is unique—this is one of the very cliche lines which most people hear all too often. However, the reality is that this line is something that we must learn to remember. Being an individual means that we are different from other people and that we have different things to offer for various situations. Every person specializes in a skill or talent where he or she can excel, no matter how insignificant that skill or talent may be for others. Thus, I personally believe that it is important for us to seek our own interests to fully realize our capabilities while enjoying the things that we must do.

I view that this is crucial whenever a person reflects on the advantages that he or she possesses. Even during my younger years, I have already been interested in colors and shapes. My parents used to buy coloring books and materials for me when I was a kid, and before I knew it, I was fascinated with colors. I tried various colors to match another color by mixing them in the corners of the plain drawing. As a child, I was developed a fascination for building things with my own hands. However, with my limited dexterity at that time, I was not able to build anything successfully.

Although my mother often appreciated the small things that I created, such as boxes I made out of recycled materials, I always felt that I could do it better Thus, as I grew older, I became very keen on details, most especially with the things that I design. I started looking at magazines and was able to distinguish the designs that I like. Sometimes, I draw what I think or directly create things from scratch. Although this activity is very time consuming, I believe that this will hone my skills and will directly address my issues in being a perfectionist.

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The Realization of My Advantages

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I do think that in order to be the best in my craft, I also need to critique myself constructively. It is essential to be aware of my weaknesses so that I could improve as an artist. My training at Parsons, The New School of Design that offers a world-class education, is something that I have always been very proud of. As the said school is used in a popular reality show as a training ground for many fashion designers, being granted with the opportunity to attend training here would definitely have a great impact in my future career as a designer.

Parson has a great faculty and staff members who provide top-of-the-line training for their students. By passing the training at Parson, I gain the impression and image that I am capable of making designs that the world can acknowledge as exceptional. In addition, the training which I have received as well as the design perspectives made me feel confident with myself. Thus, I believe that my training at Parsons provided me a competitive edge. Considering my personal assessment of myself, I believe that I am very unique from the other design students in terms of my willingness and devotion to this field.

From the time that I was young up to this very day, I do think that my trivial interest developed into a strong passion for creating designs to make life more beautiful comfortable for people in different walks of life. Hence, my advantage is my passion to work which could be a trademark that would be remembered by others. By making a simple design that is captivating to the eyes of the viewers as well as convenient for those who would use it daily is one of the most important values that I have as a designer.

This attitude is one of my competitive advantages that I possess that aid me in creating a name for myself to be acknowledged just like the other renowned artists in the world. For me, advantages are only a plus to the natural abilities and the talents which are bestowed upon us. Nevertheless, my education, personality, perspective, and my passion are the best advantages that I have. These competitive advantages will stand as my weapons to prosper and be noticed as an artist in my own genre and be appreciated by those who also believe in the mixture of beauty and comfort.

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