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The Program of Peace Builders of the High School Programs

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Over the years the Rialto police department has had its fair share of crime within the city of Rialto. Since the year 2006 the amounts of serious violent crimes within the city of Rialto have decreased. Such crimes as homicides, rapes, robberies, and aggravated assaults were on an up rise until the community demanded the Rialto police department to do something about the serious crimes affecting the moral and social economics surrounding the city.

To get a clear understanding of the amount of annual violent crimes within the city of Rialto are as follows. The number of violent crimes in 2006s annual total report was 708, in 2007 the annual total was 747, in 2008 the annual total was 559, in 2009 the annual total was 542, in 2010 the annual total was 497 and the last annual report for 2011 was 480 serious violent crimes reported by the Rialto police department.

The majority of the cities violent crimes took place in the community identified as area 2. This area is located east of Lilac Avenue and north of Foothill Blvd. One particular community within this area was known as the Willow-Winchesters.

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The Willow-Winchesters had about 160 neglected condominiums. The Willow-Winchesters had the highest number of police calls annually costing the cities tax payers over $160,000 a year. The Willow-Winchesters where built in the 1960’s with a similar goal as hope through housing.

The Winchesters would provide affordable housing for first-time buyers with low-income. However, as families began to relocate every unit was turned into a rental with some having absentee landlords. This created gang violence, health issues, and safety violations for the city. This caused the community to force the Rialto police department to provide safety for the schools within this area.

Eisenhower high school is adjacent to the Willow-Winchesters, and the elementary school is just a few blocks north of the Willow-Winchesters creating an un-safe environment for students to learn as well the community as a whole. As a result the city of Rialto decided to reconstruct the Willow-Winchesters.

From this, the Rialto police department made it a priority to get involved and save this community. As stated above the crime started to decrease during the year of 2007. However, the success of the reduction in crime within this community may be contributed to the partnership with the Rialto police department and the National Community Renaissance.

The National Community Renaissance (National Core) is accredited as being one of the largest community developers. National Core is a non-profit organization along with its Hope through Housing foundation located and operated through various cities within the United States. This non-profit organization provides affordable living for low-income families.

They also provide quality affordable low-income housing for seniors. National Core’s hope through housing foundation has joined forces with the Rialto police department since the year 2007.

Hope through housings foundations long term goal is to improve the neighborhoods affected by crime, and poverty, along with providing students with the necessary tools to help students perform well in and out of school. Hope through housing provides the climate which affects the social economic behavior(s) of a neighborhood or community. Hope through housing acquired approximately $1 million dollar grant to implement a nationally accredited violence

Prevention program. This program known as peace builders incorporated a curriculum into the high school programs as well as K–8 after school program. This investment is important, because the newly renovated Willow-Winchesters, now known as the Citrus Grove condominiums are still in a gang and high neighborhood.

“Since Citrus Grove is located directly adjacent to Eisenhower High School, students at the high school benefit from the tutoring, computer lab, mentoring, and leadership and confidence building activities offered through the program”.

Law enforcement deals with various community related problems, depending on the areas. However, law enforcement must continue to work with community problem solving organizations to develop ways that minimizes crime. Programs such as National Core and hope through housing foundation that gets grants to help fund various programs and projects that support problem areas.

Working as an employee with hope through housing for over three years has allowed one the opportunity to work directly with the Eisenhower high school students and the Rialto police department. One has shared in the success and progress of area 2s community within Rialto.

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