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The Problems of Lima City

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The problems of Lima city Lima city is full of charm and scenic beauty, so visitors from around the world come to enjoy its typical dishes, museums,countless beaches and scenic wonders. Although Lima seems like a paradise,Not all what we find there is as as good as we think. Believe it or not, but Lima has several serious problems such as the poor public transportation,crime-violence and the bad infrastructure due to the lots of suburbs and places that have lack of lots of services.

The first and most important problem in lima is its inadequate public transportation system. Thousand of residents rely on the city’s buses and minibuses to travel throughout this large city, however the bus routes are poorly planned wich cause rush hours and traffic. For example: a person who should take the bus at 7:45 am may not take it until eight o’clock or even later. Sometimes three or more buses or minibuses arrive in bunches at time that people are waiting, but they can’t the buses because they are full.

That’s why, passengers frequently become unhappy become this problem causes them to be late for work or to miss important appointments. THE TRANSPORTATION,2010 ISABEL GUERRA The second serious problem that Lima faces is crime and violence. The security in Lima has declined in the last years because police corruption have increased in line with rising level of poverty. Besides the profileration of low-income settlements wich are known as “barriadas” that have as members young people that steal.. Nowadays, we can see lots of people who are complaining about the security in this city.

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The Problems of Lima City

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According to some city polls, 82% of people who live in Lima say that they were robbed at least once while they were walking around the streets of this “insecure” city. Not only that, but people are also concerned about leaving home alone. To illustrate it, more than 50% houses were robbed during the last holydays. So to wrap out this, people are not secure neigher on the streets nor at home. BULLETIN OF LATIN AMERICAN RESEARCH VOL. 27, NO. 2 The final problem is the lack of good infrastructure of housing and services in Lima.

This is an interesting city that offers a good lifestyle for young, ambitious business and professional people. Also, immigrants are attracted to this city because is has tourist attractions and offers variety of typical dishes. All of these tourists or immigrants would need rental units that are in good conditions like apartments, flats and single family houses. But, unfortunately, Lima’s rental units have an old infrastructure. That’s why most of the buildings of Lima downtown are declarated in danger.

Even though this, we insist on living in those old buildings. That is not secure for all the people who live, work or go to those places at all. “LIMA:BIG CITY AND BIG PROBLEM”, 2000 GILBERT A. In conclusion, Lima city must improve its public transit system for avoiding the traffic, develop a project to become places safe and housing in good conditions. In others words, Lima city must improve its image, or it will soon become just mediocre city due to the lack of administrative responsability to solve these problems. .

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