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The Millers Prologue And Tale Analysis English Literature Essay

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Geoffrey Chaucer was a mediaeval author and regarded as the greatest of Middle English authors. Born in London, Chaucer was the boy of a affluent merchandiser who sent him to be trained at a baronial family. There he was educated and began to take journeys along with the male monarch for concern. Chaucer was a really busy man of affairs, and in his trim clip he would compose. He wrote The Canterbury Tales, during the fourteenth-century, a fabliau, which was about a group of people stating their narratives on a pilgrim's journey to the Canterbury Cathedral. The Miller 's tale mirrors today 's stand-up comedy modus operandis as evident in the Miller 's usage of timing, sarcasm, and personal narratives to state his narrative. '' A

TheA Millers Tale started by speech production of John, a carpenter, and an older gentleman, and his immature married woman, Alison, an 18 twelvemonth old adolescent. He loved her more than he loved himself. John was described as being covetous, because of her age, thereby maintaining her caged. In actuality, he was good hearted and really naA?ve. He was a typical older adult male that merely wanted to work hard and love his married woman. Alison was described as `` wild and immature, with a slender, graceful organic structure '' . Today there are older work forces that marry younger adult females, but normally non at such a immature age. John loved his married woman more than himself and most work forces today, who are attracted to immature adult females, are really in love and naA?ve every bit good. Alison was in love with a immature adult male that happened to be her and her hubby 's roomie. She was n't in love with John, yet she knew that he would make anything for her. At such a immature age, it sounds like she wanted what adult females in today 's society, would name a `` sugar dada '' , person to give her nutrient, shelter, money and demo her echt love.

Nicholas was a clerk, and he was besides John and Alison 's roomie. He was immature, wild and a con-artist. He was besides, in love with Alison. Although he ne'er truly described her as did the other characters, the Miller made it evident of his fondness for her. His function in today 's society could be compared to a wild college pupil at an Ivy League university. He did n't mind a challenge and finally played the biggest function in the Tale because he plotted a fast one in order to pass clip with the adult female that he loved. He could read people good because he conjured up a program that worked ab initio, to flim-flam John so that he could pass the dark with Alison. He pretended that something was incorrect with him and being naA?ve, John believed him. He spoke about a major inundation and had John hanging bathing tubs. They all got in the bath until John had fallen asleep in the bath, so Alison and Nicholas snuck off to be together. While I do n't cognize anyone in today 's society that would travel this far, the play with Nicholas and Alison reminded me of a daytime soap opera sing they would crouch so low as to do up this narrative, and prosecute sexual brushs in Alison 's hubbies sleeping room.

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The last character in the narrative, Absolom, was besides a clerk and in love with Alison. Absolom was `` reasonably and homosexual '' , and day-dreamed about Alison. He described her as `` spare, and so sweetly lecherous '' . Like John, he was infatuated by Alison. Alison mentioned that `` Absolom is populating in a bubble. He has nil but a laugh for all his problem. '' It appeared that he did n't hold a hint about adult females and had ne'er dated before, but was happy merely being allowed to talk to Alison and lavish her with vocals, money and gifts. Today, there are many immature work forces like Absolom, who in secret loves a beautiful adult female but think they have no existent opportunity on holding her so, settle on woolgathering alternatively. The sarcasm of this character is that he was so clueless that he ended up blowing the screen of Nicholas and Alison 's love matter by firing Nicholas 's butt. I would state that things like this as it relates to today 's society, happens when there is a sloppy deceiver, sloppy things come to visible radiation!

Although there was no moral to the narrative, throughout the narrative, each character could be compared to in some facet, with people in today 's society. I believe the writer ran across aliens during his travel, and to maintain himself entertained, found ways to compose about these different people and utilize it for his ain ego pleasance. Possibly his occupation was so serious that he had to do visible radiation of any given state of affairs. The writer could hold really good encountered most of these people throughout his life. We will ne'er cognize what his logical thinking was, but it 's astonishing to see that people today are still like they were in some facet to the people in the in-between ages. The writer used timing, sarcasm, and personal narratives to maintain people interested, yet it is so closely related to today 's society.

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