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The Life and Survival Made by the Nile

Egypt, one of the world’s greatest and longest surviving civilizations, all came to be by one thing, the Nile River. Ancient Egypt started in about 5,000 years ago, and lasted about 3000 years. The resource that helped structure the Ancient Egypt through that time was the Nile River.

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An ideal to wonder about is: In what ways did the Nile River shape (change) Ancient Egypt’s society? From the info obtained, it explains that the Nile River shaped Ancient Egypt’s society though religion, transportation, and geography. There are multiple ways the Nile helped within religion.

Stated in document D, people believed that when they died, the Nile would go with them. In Document E, people were so happy of the flood that happened; almost all Egyptians believed the Nile was a gift to them from the gods. Due to people wishing the Nile will be with them forever and everybody worshiping it, the Nile resided deeply in Egypt’s religion. Along with religion, the Nile affected transportation to other areas as well. That was one of the only ways to get though the area. Document C tells about how movement worked using the Nile’s currents, and Document D visualized the way of currents and irrigation canals as borders.

Document A also visualized the whole Nile in Egypt, showing that there was only one way of trade. Because of the Nile the only way around using currents and a way of irrigation, it seems that the Nile is very valuable in transportation. Another pretty important area to think about happens to be agriculture. With agriculture, you would be able to survive. With document A, the Nile showed that most cities were near water. Document B explained the seasons of agriculture caused by the Nile and Document E praised those seasons for food and good health (no famine).

From what is seen with most Egyptians living near water and seasons used to tell about floods that allowed plants to grow, the Nile was vital for survival in Egypt. From what all info looks like, the Nile created survival for the Egyptians. People believed it was a god due to the Nile feeding them. The Nile was the only way to get around and trade. Also, the Nile brought in fertile soil for agriculture to happen. From all of these ideals combined together, it’s easy to say that the Nile helped create Egypt’s society and helped it survive.

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