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The Lesson of the Cliff

The lesson of the cliff by Morton hunt tells a story of himself and how he was able to excel in experiences. It starts off when he was 8 years old. He was influences to climb a cliff with his friends, knowing that he may have been to sick to climb.

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The group stops halfway there to rest up and then confines their Journey, But Morton became to frighten to continue. Morton became to frightened and plan on going back but he away that it was to far down and became worried that he may fall to his death.

His friends abandon his and continue on while he stays in panic. As it got dark his father came and noticed his nervous son on the cliff. His father guides him down the cliff, telling him to move his feet down one at a time on footholds. As Morton comes down step by step, he became braver and braver every passing second. As he reached the bottom to be in the comfort of his father he was taught a life lesson he will never roger.

The scenario then shifted to Morton in a 1945 war, he was to fly a reconnaissance plan over enemy territory. Morton worried about this situation that he could sleep, all he could think of was him and his navigator running into enemy territory. Morton then remembered his fathers words of taking it one step at a time and succeed in the mission. This article was a clear sense of inspiration to me. Morton used advise from his father to become a survivor even in the most dangerous f situations.

Morton was taught one of the fundamentals of life. When you are faced with a task that appears overwhelming, you decide what the first step is and take in accomplishing or succeeding in this task. If you can break the problem down into a series of steps you need to complete to accomplish your goal,then you must do it. But then, only focus on the step that you need to take next. When that step is taken, focus on the next one. Eventually, you will arrive at your destination.