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The Leadership Structure of Morphesim

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Like every religion, Morphesim needs a leadership hierarchy in order to better supervise its followers. Below is the hierarchy in Morphesim. The Stimaticus is the primo of Morphesim; the head of all heads. The Stimaticus is the enlightened one that guides everyone else that follows him or her. He or she only answers directly to the God of Morphesim. The Higher Vairokants are the heads of Morphesim for each country; much like branch managers of a huge corporation. They are the Stimaticus’ eyes, ears, and voice as they deliver the news straight from the Stimaticus and vice versa.

They are like private messengers and are the only ones permitted to see the Stimaticus. One of them is also next in line to the Stimaticus. The Rigulles are the overseers of Morphesim. They travel across the globe in order to inspect Morphesim places of worship. They also transcribe the discussions of the Higher Vairokants in holy congregations and also publish books that promote Morphesim. In short, they are the writers of the religion. The Vairokants are the assistants of the Higher Vairokants; much like bishops to archbishops in the Christian church.

When the Higher Vairokants are called to a holy congregation, the Vairokants oversee their tasks over the country. They take up the seat of power for that country temporarily in order to maintain the stability of Morphesim in the country, while the Higher Vairokants are away. The Morphis are the last in this hierarchy. These are the heads of the Morphesim places of worship, except for the grand ones which are headed by Vairokants. They handle the simplest of task for Morphesim, like conversion or baptism. The Morphis also handle the worship hours on a community. They also spread the wisdoms that are entailed in Morphesim.

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