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The Importance of Education for the African Americans and Other Minorities

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There may not be a wrong answer to this question, there are multiple answers to it, but nothing has been done and we can look into the past to see why there is a disproportionate number of minorities compared to white people in confinement today. We can look all the back to the time of slavery. Back then minorities did not have equal rights. While there may not have been many minorities put into jail back then, it is something that can explain where we still are today. The Civil Rights Movement was as big time in this country's history. It gave African Americans and other minorities equality. The past is still relevant today however. It has been the actions of the past that has put minorities behind the eight ball. While minorities are not treated differently in today's society, it is still the actions of the past which still haunt the problems of today.

Slavery is done with, everyone has equal rights, but African Americans and other minorities still feel the effects to an extent and many live in poverty. It is that living in poverty and feeling the strain that poverty puts on an individual as to why there is such a disproportionate number of minorities that inhabit prisons across the country. Not much has been done to truly help those that need it most. Those who are stuck in the slums or living in terrible areas because they cannot afford anything better. It is passed down from family to family. If one's own parents have committed criminal activity and have been locked up, it is much more likely that the child will follow that same path, especially if they are still in poverty.

It is as if it is a life cycle that so many live in and cannot get out of. Giving these kids a good education, one that could help them get into college and then out of the situation they are in is truly the only hope. More resources need to be put into education, especially those bad schools that need the extra help and funding. It is unfortunate that the places that need the funding and extra help the most do not receive it.

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The government already does a lot to try and help those that are living in poverty but if the government could do more towards education I believe that is the right path to take to keep some of these minorities out of prison. Nothing can be done with the older generations; it is the younger generations that something can finally be done. It will take a while but much like the white populations, the minorities can prosper in this country as well. By fixing the troubled communities, giving the children a good education, and helping clean up the illegal activity that takes place the disproportion is less likely to be seen in the near future.

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