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The Impeachment Process

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The Senate and the House share equal authority over many congressional matters, which include declaring wars and maintaining the armed forces of collecting taxes. Congress’s joint powers that seem to be more judicial and less concerned with the maintenance of the government as a whole. The power is the impeachment that is not a criminal trial. The Senate is required to decide whether changes are brought by the House of Representatives to merit removing from office and to disqualifying him or her from holding other offices and titles.

The impeachment process is one of the most serious and solemn of government proceedings. It can result in the trial and conviction of a President of the United States and immediate removal from office. Sometimes, impeachment is not taking very serious, but other then that it still has to go into affect whether or not. As far as it goes, the person may later be indicated, tired, and perhaps convicted and sentenced by judicial authorities, but none of these actions are imposed at the congressional level.

The congress is simply to empower to decide whether the person should be removed from office. The House of Representatives has the right to formally impeach public officials for wrongdoings. It is the Senate that hears the case against the official and votes for conviction. If the president of the United States is being tried, then the Chief of Justice of the Supreme Court must preside over the trial. The Senate’s first impeachment trial came in 1798, and the proceeding one of its own members, Senator William Blount of Tennessee.

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H was involved in a plot to incite Indians to assist the British in trying to conquer territory in Florida and Louisiana that was the underneath Spain’s control. The impeachment proceedings against Blount, however, were dismissed since he no longer held office. For examples, the first impeachment and found guilty was Judge John Pickering of New Hampshire. In March, of 1804, the judge was found guilty of drunkenness and unlawful rulings. Many believed that his mind had become unbalanced, when he was removed from office after the guilty verdict and then died one year later.

Since then, Congress has generally used the impeachment process cautiously. An important precedent was established early when Associate Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase, a strong Federalist, was impeached for judicial bias against Anti-Federalists. Chase although, was acquitted on March 1, 1805, in a decision that established political differences were not grounds for impeachment. The impeachment is a powerful tool that allows the legislative branch to remove high-ranking officials from office for cause.

The Impeachment Process essay

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