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The hunger games book review Critique Essay

Catkins Overseen, along side fellow tribute PETA Mallard, is forced to fight for her life against stronger competitors from wealthier districts, some of whom have trained for this their whole lives.If Catkins Is going to win then Catkins will need to kill everyone In the games.The only question Is, are the odds ever In her favor? I personally admire the way that Catkins would willingly take her sister’s place In the Ames, when there is a one in a million chance that she could win.

The author has truly grasped the idea of what it’s like to be in a situation like Catkins’ – no father, a mother that’s stuck in the past, and a 13-year-old sister that needs looking after.

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I was compelled after hearing about the games in the story. The whole prospect Just made me shatter with excitement. It’s a very unusual and out-of-the ordinary plot for a book, but I think that its originality is what makes it Just that bit better than your tankard teen fiction.

I think that the author’s use of descriptive techniques, Like personification, was extremely noticeable because of Its effectiveness on the story. Overall, I really enjoyed the book and highly recommend to those who love teen fiction or Just enjoy the adrenaline rush. Good Job Suzanne Collins, and I would definitely read it again. The hunger games book review By Halley Halley Karri AAA In The Future North America, known as ‘Panel’, there is a rich and modern developed City named ‘The Capitol’.

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