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The Family

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In our country, Egypt, work, studies, and family life have a huge impact. In our culture earlier, it was all about family life. Staying with the family, taking care of each other, spend time with each other, work together in the family business. But nowadays studies and work have become a crucial point in our life.

People are more focused on their career and less focused on their spending time with their family. People are becoming career conscious and want to achieve more and more in their life and never want to stop dreaming and chasing their goals. Children want good studies so a large number of students are spending a large amount of money to study in different countries because it's very hard to get scholarships from the country.

For work, they are spending more time on their work rather than spending some quality time with their friends and family since the work pressure is increasing, so the desire to make money is first and foremost among people. But in reality there should be a total balance of the studies, work and family time, people should complete their studies first so that they can do the work in which they are interested in. along with that, they should spend some quality time with their friends and family.

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The Family

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My personal emphasize lies in the study, work, and family life in that order. I want to develop my skills by studying computer science. Education is really important for me. I need to equip myself with competitive computer skills. As a result, I would have a higher chance to get a Promising future. After graduation, I would have more chances for interviews offered by promising companies.

As a new student, I got full support from my family. They inspire me to make good use of my time and earn a degree online. I'm thankful for their support and understanding. I might not be spending time with my parent as often as before but they know I've been doing. I won't let them down and do my job well.

If I cannot make someone understand what I'm doing, I'll choose to avoid confrontation with that person. Later, when I get some achievements, I will explain them and express my thoughts to them again. In this case, what I said may be more convincing so that they can understand the value of the things that I was doing.

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