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The Essence of Being Women and Native.

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When human beings are uprooted from their ancestral lineage, their work, social relationships, marriage, parenting, and rellglon change. The breakage occurs not only at social and economic level, but internal as well, because of an immense effort made to overcome a strong internal crisis. In general native women used to enjoy great influence and respect from their community.

The transformations native woman from Huron and Ojibwa experienced impacted them deeply, and their lives were rastically altered by the coming of European settlers with the new ways to be considered by white people, they be converted in secretive person for a lengthy time. Despite of this, as a consequence of this in recent years, native women raised their voices to be recognized as part of a tradition that deserved to be respected.

According to Castellano, the village of Huron native women are organized on a clan membership and It recognizes the social status from female who play a very important role Into the community, such us parenting, collecting and preparing food, lanting crops and selling It, also the participated In polltlcal activities, because men went away to hunt, fight or make another actlvltles.

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Woman life was highly regarded for its capacity to give birth and help community survive without presence of men. On the other hand, the native Ojibwa people were hunter - gatherers, which meant that women also had an important role in the development of its economy; they were doing all the domestic work, weaving fishing nets, harvesting rice, making fur clothing. A significant issue is that Ojibwa Shaman was a highly regarded woman; because of community saw her as a warrior.

Therefore, is not difficult to understand when Castellano said, that when European settlers introduced new standards of living to the communities, the greatest impact was on women; they were stripped out of their traditions and Identity, which consequently led them to withdraw from social life for a long period of time. They used to spend time on common tasks In Isolation In order to avoid being Judged on unknown for them parameters.

So, women native raise their voice to open spaces of dialogue that allow them to preserve the essence of their identity by finding new ways to combine their own tradition with the elements of the new environment. The exhibition of native art and teaching is being a significant contribution to the achievement of it. To conclude, since the beginning of humanity it had to co-exist with the colonization from "others", which caused the loss of traditions, lineages, and established ways of developing the society; it also aused tremendous suffering to the native communities, in their identity loss.

Likewise, in the '80s a great numbers of communities were destroyed inside the country Peru by Sendero Luminoso a terrorist group, one example is the thousands of women forced to move to different cities of the country In search of security and hope, but on arrival were forced to adapt In environments where they were discriminated against battered unable to find space to continue their tradltlons or develop tnelr skills, wnlcn were commonly working tne land, anlmal nusDanary, aising the family.

The traditions handed down for generations from mother to daughter were destroyed. Today many of these traditions have been lost by the inability of local governments to create spaces of dialogue and openness to other forms of society. Every native community has its particularities that incidence with the location of the community, climate, and distribution of roles that are developed through generations, which makes them unique, unrepeatable that deserves to be respected and recognized as any other society.

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