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The Effects of Drugs on Our Society and Youths

While most People use drugs to help, some choose to abuse them.This is what leads to crime, and it affects our kids and society.The increasing phenomenon of drug abuse in society impacts American society in ways that economically cost society almost $100 billion a year.

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Illegal drug use has to stop! It hurts the society, it hurts us, and mainly, it hurts the user. Drug users feed of society’s money, insurance, and taxes. If we let this behavior continue the crime rate will shoot sky high. Drug use has increased over the years at an alarming rate and can be fatal to a person’s health.

In this paper, I haven’t chosen to elaborate on any particular drug; just drugs in general and the effects they have on our society and our youths. A survey was conducted and showed that most people found it to be true that youths between the of 14-22 use recreational drugs. Recreational drugs are not limited to any particular group in society, meaning that a very wide variety of people choose to use the drugs; including teenagers, parents, business people, and often very dedicated students.

As we possess an interest in how drugs affect a number of social groups. These groups range from teens to high-class elderly individuals who will have different reasons. It is generally known that most drugs do have negative effects on people. No matter race, sex, or age. Addiction is blind Drugs are substances used without medical supervision to alter a person’s feelings, or behavior, especially teens with a family history of substance abuse. Most drug use begins in the preteen and teenage years.

During these years, teens are faced with difficult tasks of discovering their self-identity, learning to cope with authority, and searching for something positive that would give their life meaning. One of the most important reasons of teenage drug usage, is peer pressure. This is what represents social influences that effect teens. It could have a negative or positive effect, depending on a person’s social group. References The Journal of Early Adolescence, Vol. 14, No. 1, 24-48 (1994), Retrieved August 4, 2009 from http:/drugsandyouth. adolescence. com

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