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The dynamics of the company

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I am very impressed with the in-depth research of your business proposal. The information is very useful in deciding the practical procedures of implementing an Open Source support center for its users. The dynamics of the company caught my attention, but I feel there are a few things to review before one could use it successfully. In The Summary: The summary reveals the history of requests for comments (RFCs) very logically and impressively. I can relate to the use of open-source software because I am a user as well. Developers will need your service, Open Support, to ensure their software works efficiently for their business.

This strategic company will have to work very hard to remain abreast of the new changes within every industry, but how can they keep up with every plug-in for each unique e-business? I am concerned of the company’s ability to track each individual’s case within its system. In The Revenue Model: The revenue model discusses the ideal customer is for Open Support, but it does not discuss the possible payment plans or issues associated with the costs of each service. An outline of possible services, plans, or subscriptions will be well-suited for a potential investor to get an idea of the pricing structure of the business.

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If the business does not have a good pricing structure, it is possible that individuals will lose money investing in support instead of working on their issues alone. In The Product and the Market: As I stated before, I am very impressed with your analysis regarding the need for Open Support. My issues lie in the ability to keep up with each organization’s needs or previous cases. The investment in Open Support helps an organization make progress; the Open Support’s uniqueness should allow them to keep track of their customers. Richness and Reach:

The richness of Open Support can reach a large range of individuals and companies in need of their help. At the same time, the market needs to shrink into a workable size for the business. A company that serves any- and everyone may lose profits as well as losing customers. A developed niche for Open Support can keep it above the rest as more people develop their own version of the company (it is likely to happen). Your proposal is great and I hope my ideas will help you develop a more functioning e-business plan for the future.

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