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The Bible References in Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales

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The very first reference to a religious aspect is that they are twelve as the apostles of the Bible, and one of them, the youngest had the name of one bible character - Benjamin- who was too the 21st son of Jacob also, who had a daughter too.

The next reference is the Golden Star on the girl's forehead, which is a compost symbol with two pieces, the first is gold, and it evokes what is illuminated, sacred and durable. The second is Star, it symbolize "the presence of divinity' (Cooper, 156). Like the brothers on this fairy tale, Jacob once had to flee from the wrath of his brother Seas. When the princess took off the flowers from earth she deflowered her brother she committed an incestuous act.

The brothers turned into Ravens, which are in the Bible god singers and prophets, as a punishment to the Incestuous act and she was not punished too because of being a divinity and sacred being. The seven years of silence that she had to obey can be a reference to Mary of Sorrows, which symbol Is a heart pierced by seven swords, each sword meaning one of the sorrows that she had to face. The latter reference is the step-mother who persuades the King to send his beloved wife to the fire, acting like the Devil stacking his claim of the sinner princess.

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The Bible References in Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales essay

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