The Best Method of Training in Improving Employee Computer Skills

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In any successful company, human resource management is very vital because it ensures that a company’s most valued assets are effectively managed. In this case, the employees are considered to be the most valued assets of a given company. The working together of the employees contributes to a company’s business objectives achievement. Alavi (Alavi,1988) states that employees as individuals have varying needs ,goals, and skills, all of which should contribute to the maximum productivity of a company.

Because the productivity of a company depends on the performance of the employees, the knowledge, skills, and experience of the employees are very crucial if a company has to succeed. One of the major roles of the human resource management department in a company is to make sure that the employee skills are always improved. The ability of the employees to perform excellently in their work requires the improvement of the employee skills. According to Armstrong (Armstrong, 2006), employees are then able to improve their working skills and enjoy several benefits.

In addition, improved employee skills equip the employees well so that they are able to adapt to the changes experienced in the work place. Employee skills enhancement enables the workers to learn at work and to appropriately respond to the competitive work challenges. The employees can then gain recognition and rewards from the employers since their productivity and performance is increased. Some of the ways through which the rewards and recognition are given to the employees include better career opportunities, promotion, job security, and better salaries.

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In the contemporary world, computer skills are some of the most important employee skills in the work place. This view is echoed in an article (How to Provide Employee Computer Skills Training. 2008). Globalization and modernization have demanded that companies or organizations adapt to the technological advancements, computer systems being one of the example. The computer systems and software that many companies are using to increase their productivity and returns requires that the employees be well equipped with computer skills, views that are also supported by Borghans et al (Borghans and Weel, 2002).

The employer has a responsibility to recruit and hire qualified and highly skilled workers. However, it is the company’s responsibility to improve the skills of its employees. There is no doubt that any company should provide its employees with computer skills if it is to succeed in its activities in the current global markets. Based on Allen et al (Allen and Morton, 1994) opinion, one of the ways through which companies can improve it employee’s computer skills is through training.

There are several methods through which training can be done. The question on which training methods a company should adopt in efforts to improve the employee’s general computer skills depends on the needs of the company, the financial resources availability, and the effectiveness of the training method in improving the employee skills. In this paper, the best training method that a company should use to improve its employee computer skills will be discussed.

The research paper findings will be based on the research done and the feedback of the interviews that will be conducted with the company X managers and the employees in the human resource management. B) Literature review 1. Training Methods Technological changes have become part and parcel of the modern world. Companies cannot avoid the changes, but instead are required to adopt the changes. Through training, employees will be able to acquire computer skills. Many companies acknowledge the need to incorporate employee training in their human resource management effectively.

The training methods can either be on- job training or off- job training. In many companies, off- job training or on- job training is done to improve the employee computer skills. Bilker (Belker, 2005) is of the opinion that training of employees in a company aims at improving the employees performance, satisfying the personal growth needs, and preparing an individual for managerial and promotion succession. As stated in the ICMR Books (ICMR Books, 2007), companies need to achieve all these by equipping employees with computer skills and this requires training.

In on- job training, the employees receive training while in the actual work situation. The employees are able to acquire the necessary skills through learning by doing or through direct experiences when working. There are several ways through which on- job training can be done. On- job training can be done through job instruction. The advantage of this method is that it allows the employees to apply immediately what they learn. However, the training may not be effective if more focus is given on work rather than training.

Off- job training is different from on- job training in that, off-job training involves giving training to the employees in an environment that is away from the immediate working environment. There are many ways through which off- job training can be done. A good example is the classroom lectures. Off-job lectures enable employees to be more focused on training. On the other hand, the method reduces work productivity when employees are away from work. Both off- job and on- job training have their advantages and disadvantages.

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