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The Benefits of an Aging Population Outweigh the Disadvantages

Ageing population is one of the most discussed matters.It is because fertility rate is steadily decreasing and life expectancy is increasing.Some believe that it is a huge problem whereas others stand on opposite view.

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In this writing I will explain why there are more benefits than cautions of the elder generation to the society. As human beings age, they become more dependent on the care of others. Traditionally, this care was provided by the family, but nowadays, the need for care presents a burden which many families cannot cope with.

Moreover, elderly people need medical care, day centres, transport and leisure. All these points cause many economic consequences. The major problem is funding welfare systems, such as pensions and healthcare. That means that governments need to spend more. Consequently that could raise income taxes. Of course, elder citizens do need more heath care, but many others are fit, competent and self-sustaining. For instance, across Europe, typically only one retired person in 20 lives in a care home.

In the UK, of 10m over 65s, just 3 percent live in care homes. In addition for that, those who survived drugs binges, fast cars, or bad marriages, are older, they are still rocking and making more use of condoms that their younger generation. For example, Mick Jagger and Tina Turner. Even they are in their 70s nobody has idea of a dependant. Furthermore, non-celebrities also remain active, assertive and independent.

They fill library and seminar halls once crammed with callow youths. They run picket lines or marathons. Millions of the middle-class retired continue working and they are often more valuable than young workers. Some worry that older workforce will be less innovative and adaptable, but there is evidence that companies with a decent proportion of older workers are more productive than those addicted to youth. Finally, elder generation less hooked on the latest ‘gizmos’.

They may even reduce pressure on the world’s recourses by consuming less, and by conserving environment. In conclusion, it is true that as getting older, mankind need more care and attention, both from the family and the government. However in the modern life, as medicine and technology developed, they are healthier and independent. From my prospective, in future old people will be expected to stay in the formal economy longer.

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