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The Apple’s Experience

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Guess whose “big apple” is celebrating his 32nd birthday in April Fool’s Day. Yes, I would be sure that you would know it is the company of Apple, the one established by CEO Steve Jobs that had currently still withstanding the race for information technology supremacy. According to Steve Jobs, his company had only started in his parent’s garage but year after year, his idea for pioneering in the field of information technology, had made one of the biggest fortune came up into his life. Establishing a big tech company out of a small investment had not been an easy task for Mr. Steve Jobs.

Without the help of his co-founder Steve Wozniak (the other Steve of Apple), who had started the design for Apple I, he could not have achieved what he is famous as for now. Wozniak and Jobs, had worked partners for the arcade game “Breakout” for Atari before Apple I’s design task, and this was the beginning of their fond ideas with developing something greater than making a game. It all started with Steve Wozniak’s long-time dream of building a computer of his own. With the technology available during those days, the high cost of hardware had challenged him to find a way on how to make assembling a computer a little cheaper.

Upon finding the right set of computer parts for his dreamed personal computer, he then had started to code. By then early 1976, he had completed his 6502-based computer. After this success, Wozniak thought that it would be better if he would open to the market his pc’s architecture. This then made Wozniak partner again with Jobs to materialize this dream. Jobs had made suggestions during the design process that helped shaped the final product. After successfully securing their starting capital, they had then coined the name for their company, which is the Apple on April 1, 1976.

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Since pc back then is a new trend that quickly catch the people’s attention, the sales had been reasonably very good that had made Jobs and Wozniak decide to continue developing and enhancing Apple. Many future versions had been out to the market as each year progresses. And as time goes by, their starting capital had then ballooned into more than $18 billion in cash, no debt, and still increasing due to the company’s $25 billion annual sales. Though, Wozniak had retired from the company 21 years ago for such reasons, his 12 years stay for making the company as stable and as progressive is still felt until of today.

The company is now then venturing out for the race for digital mobile phones supremacy, which they had launched through their recently released iPhone. This article relates to Doing Business in the Digital Economy as discussed in Chapter 2, The Modern Organization in the Digital Economy. The hardships of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak for pioneering in the information technology particularly in the architectural makeup of computers had been proven to be worth it because it had made them the two great Steve’s of Apple.

After securing the needed capital with only Steve Jobs parents’ garage as their workplace and also securing their way on how their finished product would penetrate into the back then baby market for computers, they had then took this as their stepping stone for building their dreams. With their imagination and skills for computers, they had made themselves build one such big company that had surpasses challenges through such a long period of time.

Their business in the digital economy is one such great model for others who would like also to invest in the vast field of information technology. The history of the Apple, the history of Steve Jobs, the history of Steve Wozniak, proves that there is something worth promising in IT development.

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