The Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Networks

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Last Updated: 11 Mar 2023
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Today social networking is everywhere, and we depend on it daily. We depend on technology too much. Social networking is a term used to describe the online community and individual services. While there are social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter are the most popular. People spend more time on Twitter and Facebook than on real conversations face to face. While some people may believe social networking has a positive effects in humans, it in fact has negatively altered the way we communicate, our privacy, and the act of harassing someone online. The increase of this technology has changed our system.

Today, social networking is considered an issue because it changes the way how people communicate. Now people spend more hours in a computer, cellphone, or tab, than they taking the time to talk to someone face to face. People forgot how to start a conversation in public. Today people can have more than one conversation on the same time. Sherry Turkle argues that people in their house can have a family talk while everyone is in their different devices having another conversation with someone else (The Flight From Conversation 53). The values that we use to have about a conversation are gone. Before people respect when someone was taking to them, it was inappropriate to be in the phone or doing something else. Facebook change our way to communicate.

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Stephen Marche explains that “Facebook arrived in the middle of a dramatic increase in the quantity and intensity of human loneliness…connection seem deeply attractive (Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” They did not see the future problem where human will lose the real purpose of a conversation. People spend hours posting phrases like the computer is a person. People are not able to see what kind of reaction each of the ones who are reading the phase is having. The social networking took the emotional part of having a conversation by having a screen that shows what we type.

Social networking can be very danger. Sometimes people do not think the consequences by sharing their names, address, and birthday on the social sites. Facebook a world-famous network site has millions of active users that can have access to personal information. People trust technology too much. They type any kind of information without knowing who is looking and taking their information. The social networking profile can be seeing for millions of people whose are part of the Facebook friends list, but most of them there are not real people. Today people can put any false information to steal personal information or even worse to do something to the person.

Adolescents are the most common group affected because they take everything easy. Parents can prevent these because adolescent think they know everything, and parents can watch them all the time. Katie Roiphe explains that a single mother cannot monitor her both children all the time and keep three jobs even she wants to protect them it is impossible (Parents traps: Don’t monitor your kids’ Web Surfing 58). Sexual offenders take advantages of this situation even though they are strangers they know enough information because they are in the friends list. Even easier with the status updates, people like to share every place they go and everything they do or having the GPS on which shares the location where the person is. By over-sharing information people are exposed to sexual and financial predators and lose jobs opportunities.

Social networking sites make cyberbullying, a type of bullying that occurs online that is easier to spread. Teenagers take advantage of Facebook to post an unpleasant picture to affect a classmate. Most of them have a Facebook, so it is easier to spread the picture; Facebook is so popular that by next day almost the whole school knows about that picture. People can get traumatize by this situation because everyone who sees the picture starts writing comets making fun of the victim. It was a case were a student born missing facial bones. It was so obvious that something was wrong with his face. When he turned fifteen, one of the classmates decides to take and post picture of him calling him the monster.

He created a profile for the victim, and he send friends request to all students from that school. The victim got tired and diced to drop school; his classmates did not care. Social networking has change the social values, people do not care for the others. Now people want to use any technology to affect others. Social networking comes to affect the wav how people interact. Social networking has their own advantages, but you cannot see them when the disadvantages cause greater problems. It is impossible to disappear what has been done but we can work for a better world. Do not be the next prey for the predator that may be looking on your profile right now.

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