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Halloween Google Doodle Game

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For years, Google has , and this year’s comes with a special treat - an addictive game.

In it, a tiny adorable cat named Momo (one inspired by a Google Doodler’s own cat) tries to rid a Magic Cat Academy of mischievous ghosts -- and catch the one who took her spellbook. Players draw various symbols on the screen to make different types of ghosts magically disappear. Momo mimics each symbol’s movements, showcasing intricate and excellent wandsmanship in the process.


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Halloween Google Doodle Game

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We’re glad for it. The magic academy was actually the designers’ second concept. In the first, Momo made a soup so good that it roused the dead. While charming, we think soupmaking falls short in the action department.

Today’s game has five levels, and players -- likely already distracted by Halloween fun -- can’t seem to get enough and are putting work aside.

  • Today's is just so cool we took a break from our coding work to try it out! — Kelly Iverson-Egge (@MrsIversonEgge)
  • Apologies to my clients but I won't be getting a single piece of work done today until I finish the Halloween Google Doodle game. — Serial Philler (@Philip_Ellis)
  • I'm losing it over the— Danjay (@DaJMeRos)

Players can't help but share their scores. The game is providing no small source of pride.

Beating the game in the halloween google doodle is probably my biggest accomplishment this year — Doot Howell (@danisnotonfire)

Players have been so charmed by the cat, they’ve been inspired to create their own artwork.

  • Doodled a little something for Halloween. It's Google Doodle cat! — funrin (@FUNR1N)
  • The google doodle was really cute so here is a cute black cat — self-haunting boy (@lovezaku)
  • Animated!! Just wanted to make it move?? — ????? (@BlueSquirrel_23)
  • HAPPY HALLOWEEN ? ! — chepacabra (@cheppoly)

One fan already make a Momo Jack-o-Lantern.

  • I loved the so much I...Jack-o-Lanterned it! !!! — Jodi Lane (@PiscesLynx)

Think you can resist addictive powers? Give it a try - if you dare.

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