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Syllabus: Rational Number and Gwalior Glory High

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Write laws of powers & exponents (along with one example) in an AY Size sheet. Puzzle solving based on Rational Nose. Science l- Explore your refrigerator or storage cupboard and list 8-10 food items that are preserved using preservatives. Find out about the mode of action of each preservative record the data in a given tabular format. Al- Product Name Method of packaging Expiry date Method of (sealed bag, bottle, can, carton etc. ) (best before) preservation You can take help from pig. 18 of your science book. Or To make a wind chem.. (Hint : Use 4-6 pieces of hollow metal tubes of different lengths - paint them in different colors.

Hang them on a cardboard so that they swing and strike each other) Social Studies l- Collect pictures of some resources you use in your house and classroom and make a collage in your copy with the pictures. Al- Write the Preamble of the Indian Constitution in your copy. Ill- Visit a museum and find out the various sources of information of modern history. Paste the pictures and label them in your copy. Computer Prepare a file or a chart explaining the types of networks.

Write laws of exponents along with one example on AY Size Sheet. Q. 2 Solve the puzzle based on rational numbers. Read the given clues Smallest set of numbers which is closed under subtraction. A number of the form p where p, q are integers and q 0 q 7 A number divisible by Related to an operation on rational number which gives same result even when the number change places. Opposite of the word negative Additive identity for rational numbers A prime number which is sum of an even number and a prime number.

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Syllabus: Rational Number and Gwalior Glory High

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