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I-JAKE – SWOT analysis

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Alike The United Arab Emirates were bound by truce (Trivial States) to Great Britain until WI. The seven Emirates formed a federation in 1971 and have since worked closely together to build a stable economy and political climate. Dubbed Share ABA Dhabi Jan Figural Era's Al-Shaman Mum Al-Gaining 0 Tolerant, forward-looking people 0 Strong sense of tradition. Analysis By biographical 711 0 Religion: Islam; practice of all religion beliefs is allowed. 0 16% Shih's and remaining are Sunnis.

Male : Female Ratio:-2. 2-1 0 Illiteracy Rate:7% Zero carbon city :

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Renewable energy, sustainable environment. Assistance and advice of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Gulf information Technology Exhibition-one of the 3rd biggest exhibition of its kind

Weaknesses in the AAU business culture Conflicts of interest among executives, breaches of minority shareholder rights and insider dealing. I-JAKE banks' practices are unfair and unauthenticated many people, but it has also created a distortion in the socioeconomic policies of the country. Corporate governance is still a new introduction for he AAU.

Securities and Commodities Authority (SAC), which was created 10 years ago, has been tightening its laws and regulations as markets declined after the financial crisis. Enhance the Integrated Water Resources Management (RMI) to ensure sustainability

Enhance environmental sustainability and epidemic livestock diseases Enhance food safety and the sustainability of the local production

Ensure that administrative services provision is in accord with standards of quality, efficiency and transparency Divided into seven emirates which are for the most part, autonomous Supreme Council of 40 people Federation of hereditary monarchs Extensive foreign relations Strong presence in OPEC and UN Founder of Gulf Cooperation Council (ICC) Kalmia Bin Gazed al Emir of ABA Mahayana Dhabi

Though not required by the constitution, it is a hereditary title. Mohammed bin Rasher almost Title historically has always been of the of Dubbed. Clan al-Maximum Shari - Islamic law The courts are divided into three - civil, criminal, and Shari Punishments such as flogging and stoning, and amputation Apostasy, homosexuality are punishable by law Tax laws are few and clear Investment is free Establishing an entity: either in mainland or in Free Zone No guarantee of impartiality, according to World Bank 49/178 in ease of doing business (2007 World Bank) 18/118 2008 Trade Rating Index 30/180 Transparency Index (Global Competitiveness Report)

Source: AAU National Bureau of Statistics EFFECT OF THE 2008 CRISIS Dubbed suffered the steepest property slump, ABA Dhabi, a steep market slump Hundreds of projects abandoned Thousands of people left unemployed Dubbed - Shopping, infrastructure, tourism ABA Dhabi - Oil and natural gas Share - Manufacturing, ports Jan - Manufacturing of food, beverages, tobacco, leather, paper, etc Fuchsias - Shipping and free zones Mum al Quinn - Cement, manufacturing, tourism Rasa al-Shaman - Mining, Free zone 88% of population is urban. Population is 4. 3 million Religion : Islam 76% males 81% females

Language : Arabic, Persian, English, Hindi Dhabi in 1966 and subsequently with the creation of the I-JAKE Federation in 1971

Trade valued at SIS$180 million per annum in the sass is today around SIS$60 billion making I-JAKE as Indian's third largest trading partner for the year 201314 after China and US Moreover, I-JAKE is the second largest export destination of India with an amount of over SIS$ 30 billion for the year 2013-14 The two nations share historic cultural ties and have maintained regular cultural exchanges both at official and popular levels I-JAKE is home to Indian expatriate immunity of around

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