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Sun Block

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This essay is about how sunblokck works and the correct methods to use it. It also emphasizes the danger of the sun rays ( UVA/UVB). Many experts have different opinions on the subject but in reality is up to us as individuals to either use this product correctly or risk future injury on our skin. Sunblock works by blocking the sun's UV radiation on the skin, both UVA and UVB. Fifteen to twenty minutes before exposing yourself to the sun, it is ecomendable to apply sunblock directly on the skin. Sunblock loses effectiveness after sweating, contact with water and after two hours of applying. As a rule, you're supposed to time the SPF (Sun Protection Factor), which is provided on the back of your sunblock container. This process will allow you to know when to re-apply sunblok again. Traditionally we use the lotions, oils, sticks, and gels. Now, the two types of sunblock that are available to us are the physical and chemical type. Physical sunblock is any product that carries zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Both ingredients protect you form UVA and UVB rays. Physical sunblock reflects the light and UV rays off your face. This type of sunblock is better for sensitive skin. It rarely leaves any irritaion, itching or discoloration of the skin. Chemical sunblock has several active ingredients. There are no ingredients in the chemical sunblock that entirely protects you from UV rays. Most chemical agents work to protect us from UVB rays, all the while, not protecting us at all from UVA rays which are extremely harmful to the skin.

In conclusion, taking care of your skin is very important. The results of bad skin care could result in skin blisters, skin irritation and primarily, skin cancer. It is always fun to be out sunbathing. Especially if you're in Puerto Rico, Cancun,Aruba or anywhere in the caribibbean. What isn't fun is not using protection thus getting a nasty sunburn and having people heckling you about looking like a lobster or even slapping you across the sunburned area. Trust me, I've been through it myself and it isn't fun.

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Sun Block essay

Haven’t found the relevant content? Hire a subject expert to help you with Sun Block

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