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Student Response Essay 1

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Student Essay #1 Response In her essay about rollercoasters, Kendall Anderson explains how rollercoasters came to be so popular, are constantly improving in style and technology, and are always leaving us wanting more thrills. I actually enjoyed reading this essay, it was very informal and included interested facts, like about the person who rode on a rollercoaster for a ridiculous amount of hours, and about how there are very few deaths on rollercoasters that are usually just from the medical conditions of the person who went on the coaster.

I felt like I could really believe this person about their knowledge and explaining rollercoasters and how they work and how they are made and what makes them so fun with all their appeal to logos, especially when I looked at the works cited page. I found that on the works cited page that Anderson used sources from articles from using Academic search premier and journals such as Popular Mechanics, which are reliable sources and not full of bogus information.

She used her sources very effectively as she paraphrased and summarized appealed greatly to logos and providing facts about rollercoasters to explain all the interesting things about them that make you further interested in rollercoasters. I could really tell that she did her research and wasn’t just claiming things about rollercoasters that she couldn’t back up with warrant and facts, which made me believe her. I could tell that she was paraphrasing and summarizing when she included her source in parenthesis at the end of whatever she paraphrased about rollercoasters.

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Student Response Essay 1

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What surprised me in her essay was all the interesting facts she included, like when she talked about not only the rollercoasters, but the rollercoaster riders themselves and the many rollercoasters they attempt to ride and for the crazy lengths of time they ride them for, and even the age of the majority of the people in ACE was surprising to me. I found the topic of rollercoasters intriguing to read about since they are a thrill to me, so that is why I even chose to read Anderson’s essay, which in the end I found very informal, interesting, and enjoyable to read.

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