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Insulin and Student Response Sheet

Essay Topic:
  • In the space below, properly document each of the three sources you found that show how insulin signals a cell to take in glucose from the blood.Under each documented source, write an explanation of why it is a legitimate and reliable source of information about insulin and its effects on cells.

R, Bowen.(2009, August).

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Physiological Effect of Insulin. Colostate. Retrieved from

This source is legitimate because the information is up to date until 2009 and has an author. Also there are very few ads and the sponsor is popular for their knowledge. There is also a contact information, if you have any comments or anything to correct.

Insulin and Glucose Regulation (n.d.). In bcs.whfreeman. from

This source is legitimate because the sponsor is popular for their tutorials. The site is knowledgeable and has no errors, a lot of info, and there’s also a quiz to see if you learned what you read.

Jagoda, Robin. (2011, March). How Does Insulin Signal a Cell to Take in Glucose From the Blood?. Livestrong Foundation. Retrieved from

This source is legitimate because it has an author and also citations on where they got the information from. Very few ads, but no errors and there’s also a comment box, where you can comment the mistakes they made if there was any.

  • Take notes on the relationship between insulin and glucose. Draw sketches or diagrams if necessary.

Glucose is the main source of energy and insulin is the key to body cells. Both work together to give energy to the body cells. The insulin opens the door of the body cells for the glucose to enter the body. If the body does not produce insulin then the body cells won’t be able to get any glucose and it means that they have type 1 diabetes. If the insulin cannot unlock the body cells door then that means that they have type 2 diabetes and the insulin and glucose will just build up in the blood. When the blood sugar is high, insulin is released to the pancreas and if blood sugar is low then glucagon is released to it.

  • Write a summary, either in paragraph form or in a series of steps or bullets, explaining how insulin binds to cells and the mechanism involved in triggering the cells to take in glucose. Write the summary in the space below. After eating your food, glucose from the food is released into the blood.

High glucose level is a signal to release insulin

  1. The pancreas then releases the insulin to the cells
  2. The insulin acts as a key for glucose to enter the cell
  3. The glucose is then used as energy.

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