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Street Violence In Ward’s Songs

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Chicago natives Grammar Award winner Kenya West and celebrated hip hop a artist and actor Common. Both artists provide the book's foreword as well. From convict to conqueror, pistol to pen, Ward serves as a legitimate role MO del and real life urban legend for today's misguided youth.

A self made entrepreneur, politician n, community activist and leader, Ward is a native of Chicago Altered Gardens, one of the t suggest housing projects in America. The DVD chronicles his street life, criminal enter prices and rise to a life of rightful endeavors with Altered Gardens serving as the backdrop. A vivid and heart wrenching testimony to the laws of survival and success, "Ga nester with a Heart of Gold: The None G. Story" was produced by Block 8 Productions and directed by Goodie and Chick who are best known for their music video work with hip ho p artists Kenya West, Pit Bull, Ill' Jon and Moss Deft.

Redrawing journalist Adam Matthews h eloped shape the film's narrative and wrote Common's script. While the film captures and portrays the essence of gang life in Chicago, Ward 's life growing up, family ties, imprisonment, his rise in the Gangster Disciples and his transit ion out and ended, the book is a more personal narrative from Ward offering straight fro m the streets life advice and motivation. Ward's personal story is an encouraging tale. The former gang leader has com platelet transformed his life and dedicated his path toward making a way for others t o follow.

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Political prisoner and founder of the Gangster Disciples, Larry Hoover, hand picked No none Ward to implement a new direction of change and betterment for the community at la urge, with "Growth and Development" becoming the new battle cry. "Street violence is not going to go away overnight," Ward acknowledges. It is difficult to understand what these young people are dealing with if you haven't been the re and lived that life. I'm not proud of my past, but it is what it is and because of it, I now have a unique platform to engage the possibility of change. It crushes my heart to know that it's a war zone out here.

Every time a child is killed, a part of me dies with them. I'm a soldier out here now trying to make a change. If my personal story can help someone then know God is using me and I'm a better man more for it. I'm giving away my books and DVD's to help get the word out n the streets that there is a better way and we have got to end the violence. " Ward is serious about pulling others up with him. Utilizing the hip hop com unity as his vehicle, he has garnered a list of noteworthy accomplishments to his credit ova re the years. He actively engages the efforts and support Of several hip hop luminaries.

Cell, from NBC 'The Voice" made a personal appearance at Ward's Chicago book signing race nutty and has committed to assisting with the holiday book giveaway. He partnered with race Roding artist Trey Songs to create the Songs for Peace Foundation, joined with rapper/ actor T. I. O speak to youth in schools and hosted a toy drive for Chicago children with hip hop artist t Wake Flak. Ward's early accomplishments include working with President Barack Obama as an activist in Altered Gardens, and organizing Chicago first National Gang Summit for Pea CE attended by Russell Simmons, NFG legend Jim Brown and Minister Louis Farmhand.

Street Violence In Ward’s Songs essay

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