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St and Lt Professional Goals

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Short term professional goals - To further my education and become better qualified, with a view to changing my role or to taking on more responsibility in my current position. - To gain experience and develop my appreciation of working in multinational environments. I hope to continue to work in a multinational firm and to be able to make a more valuable and meaningful contribution as a result of my enhanced skills and learning. - To secure a management position and take on more responsibility, whereby consolidating the managerial skills I have acquired and developed over the last three years, since my promotion to Manager. To participate in the growth and success of the company I work for and to find a position where I can apply my knowledge and strengths. - To find a source of money to pay for MBA. - To help people from underprivileged backgrounds and in developing countries, by offering them professional advice and private funding on a personal level. Long term professional goals - To secure a senior management role in a leading company or to become a partner in a professional services firm.

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I recognise that a lot of hard work, determination and patience will be required to achieve this goal, but I am fully committed to working towards it throughout my career. - Another one of my ambitions is to start up and run my own business. I would ideally like to combine this with another goal, which is to be socially responsible in my work. For example, I would hire people that traditionally find it more difficult secure employment, such as those with disabilities, those without financial resources or pregnant women. To be a trusted advisor who has a solid business skillset, wisdom and knowledge and is able to accept and deliver challenging projects. - To become a leader and make a positive impact on society through my expertise, ethics and leading by example. - To coach entrepreneurs and help them to develop the key skills required to make their businesses successful. - When I retire, I intend to write a book about my experiences and ideas so that I can share them with the world.

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