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Sports Safety and First Aid: Preparing for Sport Emergencies

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Preparing for sporting events are more than just getting into shape for the event one is planning to participate in. According to The Stanford Children Hospital, over three and a half million kids get injured playing organized sports on an average with most common injuries being sprains and strains ( Preparing for sport emergencies start months in advance, with active communication between participants, coaches, parents, organizers, first responders, and doctors alike. Sport Emergency Preparedness not only provides a peace of mind for everyone involved, but also makes the unforeseeable easier to handle when it happens. The three articles chosen to showcase an actual Emergency Action Plan (EAP) from two sources, and the legal repercussions that could fall on the responsible parties if there is not an EAP for the athletic event.

The first article is an established task force that focuses on recommendations for youth sport national governing body (NGBs are recognized as summer, recreational, middle school, and travel leagues). Organizations from across the United States were invited to a summit on how to create a model EAPs that all NGBs can follow. This article was lengthy, however that was because this established committee was very determined to get a comprehensive plan in place to prevent sports-related injuries. The task force wanted to make sure that all parties involved agreed to all terms and conditions.

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They also thought that EAPs should have training days with parents, athletes, coaches, and first responder representatives. It is my educated assumption that this plan was in depth to cover all aspects legally, and welfare of participants. Covering modules from sudden cardiac arrest, brain and neck injury, exertional heat stroke, preexisting medical conditions, environmental conditions, and Medical services. The second article was a campus centered article, that gave tips on what to do if an emergency happened during the event. These emergencies differ from the first articles addressed concerns by being external emergencies such as earthquakes, a tornado warning, a roof collapse, an active shooter, a fight between teams or intoxicated spectators.

Even though they address different types of emergencies, two things were common EAPs and training days for all involved. The final article addresses the legal standpoint and liability that acknowledge the responsibilities of the sponsors for the sport event. This was my favorite article out of the three because it was the one that I personally enjoyed. The United States Supreme Court held that NGBs by law have to obligations toward their students physical wellbeing( 

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